Auxy Forum - Track of the Week #22 - Winner Announced

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ⓦhat happens?

  • Each week a new topic (like this one) is posted in the #contests category.
  • If you want your track considered for track of the week, just post a Soundcloud link to your track below, before the due date listed at the bottom of this topic.
  • The winner will be announced here at the end of the week.


  1. Track must be made by the submitter, using Auxy.
  2. There are no set themes. Any genre. Any tempo. Any automations.
  3. Tracks must be 60-seconds or longer.
  4. Tracks can’t have been posted previously. This competition is for new releases.
  5. One entry per person, per week.
  6. No collabs or remixes.
  7. You can edit your post during the week if you make updates to your submission.
  8. External samples can be used for individual instruments or vocals only
    ie: not sections of sampled music or drum loops.
  9. Project files won’t be considered. Soundcloud links only.
  10. Late entries won’t be considered. Enter in the next week instead.
  11. Please also create a thread for your track under #tracks, like usual, if you wish.

One winner is chosen each week, or possibly a draw. Judging will be totally subjective. Please don’t ask why your track didn’t win. The judges alternate between: -

  • :icsleepers: ICSleepers
  • :arimyth: Arimyth
  • :hydrans: Hydrans
  • :azureonyx: AzureOnyx
  • :goxenar: Goxenar
  • :blakkaz: Blakaz
  • :dadmother: DadMother
  • :janitor: MisterMaster

Judge this week is: @AzureOnyx


  • Winner gets a special :cd: icon next to their forum name.
  • Winner’s name is also listed in a winner’s thread.

*Logo created by @Arimyth

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You can listen to the submissions for this week in the playlist provided:

Best of luck to all entries!


I posted this song yesterday but I made it specifically for this entry, then I noticed I was late and the winners were already chosen. So here:


okay here is my song
Let’s get this one started (;
When you listen to this track please max the volume or it does not sound that good.


Good luck to you all.

Here’s my submission

heres my submission

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I’m back :slightly_smiling_face:

Short and sweet :heart:


Make your last minute adjustments!

I’ve decided that in 9:00PM PST, the contest will be cut off in hopes of preventing delay for next week’s Track of the Week.

Submissions are now closed for the week.

Over to @AzureOnyx to do his judging.

Ok, so here’s the winner:


In my opinion, your submission keeps the energy high without using any “annoying” sounds you would normally hear from royalty free music. The sub goes well with the rhythm and used melodically instead of continuously.

Honourable mentions:
Vepium - Byzentine
A joyful submission, only losing by a bit for the lead choice. Overall a great submission nonetheless, drum solo to mix things up made it hard for me to decide whether you should be the winner or Just Chill’s submission.

Kamal - Rap Beat 6
Easily a banger with sub heavy bass and traditional beats that go well with the genre you’re accomplishing, but docking points for the repetition of the overall song. Great beat, easily going to get people dancing.


Omg thank you, I’ve never won before. :pray::pray:
I’m so happy!


Congrats just_chill. I understand why my song lost, it only sounds good with high quality speakers.

bro when i saw the name “Just_Chill” I thought it was me for a second cause I use “JustChiIlax” on a lot of other platforms😂

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