== Auxy Forum Awards 2019 - Polls ==

Thank you for all your nominations recently! Lets get straight into the Polls. The polling will be available until January 4th at Midnight.

Favorite Auxy Track

  • Bloom by AZHR
  • Golden Dust by Genesis
  • Sigiwb by Phluze
  • Making Noise by Paroxyzm
  • Goodtimes by FlynnT
  • Glow Tide by Peregrihn
  • Earthquake by Austin Haga
  • Awaken by Stereofield
  • Stranger by Auxysimon
  • Runaways by Brighid
  • Chrysalism by Mr. Moo
  • Safe Haven by BSJ
  • The Call by Mr. Anderson
  • Restless by Obio

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Favorite Auxy Producer

  • MrSerpent
  • Kayasho
  • Asis_4591
  • NotMIles
  • Mr.Moo
  • A_L_E_X
  • Crystaldawn
  • FlynnT
  • Arimyth
  • Heniel
  • Produk
  • Mvtt
  • Phluze

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Most Innovative Track

  • Cutting Through by Toxic Caves
  • Power Trip by Toxic Caves
  • chroma by Anechoik
  • insanity by PISTOL
  • Red Skies by Austin Haga
  • Vials by NotMiles
  • Sigiwb by Phluze
  • Corridors by NotMiles
  • Home by Unfound
  • PARADISE '87 by Toxic Caves
  • Sunburst by Tornait
  • Soon by Austin Haga
  • お元気ですか by Anechoik
  • Future by The Osprey
  • Maze by Phluze/Blackocean

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Supportive Individual

  • Akyut
  • averageteencuber
  • kheeshKP
  • Twizard
  • Tom Heck (Hex)
  • Arimyth
  • MrSerpent
  • Mr.Moo
  • Hum4n01d
  • The Osprey
  • chromaanimator
  • Literally Everyone
  • INDIR3CT’s Mom

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[Fyi Literally Everyone and INDIR3CT’s Mom are irrelevant]


Who’s Inderects mom of all people lol


Darn it I wish I was put in to the poll. Always next time tho

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She’s super supportive, that’s who I’m voting for.


Always vote for moms. Don’t get it twisted.

They brought you into this world, they can just as easily take U OUT.


That’s oddly frightening

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there should be a limit on number of nominations per category.

I don’t think Home by Unfound is from this year, but it’s still a great song so I might vote for it

The categories are defined such that nomination options are mutually exclusive from one another; i.e. a user can only select one option per category.


That’s what my mom always tells me. It’s rly annoying


it was released on the 31st of january, so still 2019 but only just