== Auxy Forum Awards 2018 ==


Alright folks! We’re back… polls got messed up last time. So here’s take 2. It’s that time where we tallied up all of your nominations and it’s time to vote for your favorites in each of the 5 categories. Each person will get one vote, and you have until January 12th to cast your opinion. The top 10 nominees from each category were selected, with ties being resolved by order of nomination. So without further ado…

Favorite Auxy Track of 2018

  • Grim by Phluze
  • Odyssey by blackocean and Phluze
  • Kevinhood by Kayasho
  • Anti-Edo by Thrashie
  • finally free by blackocean
  • Bucket crew by tornait
  • Essence by Trey
  • Orion by Produk and Zeph
  • Star crossed remix by Fokkses
  • Marine by austin_haga

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Favorite Auxy Producer of 2018

  • aUstin_Haga
  • Cornea
  • Mr_Mooo
  • Kayasho
  • NotMiles
  • stereofield
  • Fokkses
  • Xiejra
  • Thrashie

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Most Innovative Auxy Track of 2018

  • 198X by Kayasho
  • Sherforest by Kayasho
  • Ripple by ToxicCaves64
  • Viiper by NotMiles
  • Suncaster by MrSerpent
  • Takes me back by Otzsil
  • Slushii by Fokkses
  • Mothership by official_ivo and Xiejra
  • wuh by Phluze
  • Rain by GlacialViper

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Most Unique Auxy Producer of 2018

  • NotMiles
  • Southborne
  • Kayasho
  • Anechoik
  • Dj_La_Rocca
  • Insolidarity
  • Glacialviper
  • Mrserpent
  • Thrashie
  • Cornea

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Most Supportive Auxy Producer of 2018

  • Hum4n01d
  • stereofield
  • GlacialViper
  • eohr
  • Mr_Mooo
  • Aqua
  • Arimyth
  • Insolidarity
  • Hexx.Auxy
  • MrSerpent

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Damn Kayasho! Well done




I’m on most supportive leaderboards!!


Congrats to Kayasho and NotMiles!
But also well done to everyone who got to the finals! You all did awesomely.

Thanks so much for most supportive! I can’t thank whoever voted me enough.


This means @Kayasho is going to have a total of 6 unicorns. I wonder if this means there’s going to be a new symbol to keep things from getting too long after people’s names xD Congrats on the winners.


Congrats Kayasho and Notmiles!!
glad to be apart of this.
not sure if ill be apart of this in the coming years considering im using a different Daw, but im glad at least i was able to be apart of this community and make at least some impact, even if it miight of been small.
Thank you all!! :’)


Congrats guys! Y’all deserve it! :grin:


congrats to all who won! yall are great and inspire me to keep producing!