== Auxy Forum Awards 2018 — Winners! ==


We out here getting all the ladies while @Kayasho is getting all the unicorns


Speak for yourself @stereofield


bruh i got neither


i’ve a unicorn now


@Goxenar your new logo is doooopeee.


I saw I was tagged, I was like “what? What did I win?” :skull::joy: too good to be true.

Regardless, I really appreciate your input man, thank you.


Aw man, still no unicorn…

Welp, guess it still means I’m niche lol


What about a congrats to everyone who got nominated?

I’m starting to feel like Leonardo DiCaprio, fam


Congrats everyone! I hope everyone had a good 2018 and lets make 2019 even better!


bruh when has chip gotten ladies

kidding bro you should have been nominated for least likely to be single irl


bruh you should


Since the beginning of time


I think mine resorted to cannibalism lol


Them dang unicorns


What did you do, austin