== Auxy Forum Awards 2018 — Discussion ==


just an idea tho


Mm, I don’t have enough powers around here but could be worth bringing up to MM and Lenberg. Not a bad idea I think


also damn @Kayasho with almost 20 nominations!! Good on ya my dude! ^-^


thank you for thinking about that but arimyth has done way more than me :joy: melo is a dead project at this point


eh its still something though! :slight_smile:


I need to change one of my nominations but I think it’s too late :no_mouth:

Edit: nvmn I changed it


What’s going on? The nominations thread said that we could only vote until January 5th but it hasn’t even been opened yet as of January 7th.


Yeah that’s my bad. Been prepping for a trip to the east coast since the fourth. Was hoping to get it done before then but no such luck. I’m aiming to have the polls out by today.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone :grimacing:


It’s ok


It disappeared again? ohch moment


or me, you, @Matik and @joshuatuworldwide with vvvvv🤔


I deserve a uniconr


We all deserve one, but we all can’t have one :slightly_smiling_face:
Only thing we can do is give it 100% 24/7


Aaaaand I forgot to vote


It’s only been for today, I guess it was a short window


No, I meant I forgot to vote in the first thread


Oof. Sorry man. I saw lots of nominations for you though :relaxed:


well i meant it as a generalized thing so by default yeah that would mean vvvvv as well of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whoawhoa I have a chance of getting a shinycorn
vote aqua
no homework


Stoked to see the results… good luck everyone!

== Auxy Forum Awards 2018 ==