== Auxy Forum Awards 2018 — Discussion ==


Here’s a nice place for any chit chat regarding the 2018 Auxy Forum Awards. Actual nominations for producers / tracks belong here–don’t put them in this thread as they will not be accounted for.


Thanks to :arimyth: Arimyth for putting up his hand to host the forum awards this year!

I know who my fav producer is, but the other categories will require some thought.


Can’t wait for this! I’ll have to get thinking :wink:


Ah yes, time for me to completely forget every single Auxy track made in the past year yet again


It’s complicated to choose one😅, was a great year


@Arimyth - just wanna say thanks for this but also thanks for all your hard work even outside of Auxy. You’ve been doing a bang up job rounding people up on Discord from the AudioBus forum, for the various platforms that exist out there and I think the communities are much better for it :slight_smile: I’d give ya a unicorn just for that but I’ve got no say there really haha. Just thought you should know


There should be a category for most supportive over all, not just supportive of each producers tracks, then we could give @Arimyth a unicorn


All my best stuff was posted in February rip :joy:


Looks like we have some variety in the voting


Ehh, idk about that


Petition to give @Arimyth a unicorn.

Day #1


+1 or press ‘F’ or whatever you crazy kids do nowadays


dab on the haters


Kayasho’s gonna win everything, I’m calling it


I’d be fine with that


Just saw that you could nominate yourself in the forum awards this year :\ rip. I tend to only listen to my music as I’ve had it downloaded to my phone for the drive to/from work xD at least I could figure out some nominations.


I’m gonna win a participation trophy, I’m calling it.

Seriously though guys, I’m gonna do my best next year. To all those who support me and my music, thank you.

(I really want a unicorn if you couldn’t tell)


You definitely deserve one imo


Im glad someone thought my song 002 was innovating Thx @formant!


maybe community leader badges that fits there place in the community such as maybe @SanaB with melo, or @stereofield with frontier, etc