AUXY FORUM, as differentiator value for the app

Hi there, just a comment to contribute to improve this nice app.

I believe, thinking strategically, that Auxy forum is a differentiator for your industry. From my user experience, i have realized the enormous value this forum could bring to Auxy system.

My constructive critic goes in the way that this forum is not properly presented in the app, as is placed hidden from a usability perspective on the app. I think to include a direct icon-button in main app screen which brings the user straight to the Forum, and a quick explanation/video comunicating the potencial value to the users when interacting within the commnity, it would help you to transmite, instantly, that there is much more valuable experience withing auxy app.

I mean, the “door to value” is there, but access to it is not comunicated properly nor featured.

App managers, don’t you think featuring Forum structure in the browser will quite easily improve user experience as a differenciator for positioning the app into ur industry?

Congrats for the app


Sadly the developers have more or less abandoned what good could come from the Auxy disco forum, despite everyone knowing that it would be beneficial for them to be particularly active and pushing its usage.