Auxy for Mac (Real)

yes, I believe it will require the new Mac Silicon onboard because they only spoke of them running native to that architecture. Same app, but very exciting. I can’t wait!!

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Apparently this was due to how the app was written, adding in different grid sizes would fundamentally break how the app worked, or so they said. It’s a bad case of not using a scalable interface, which hard limits the choices they have in that regard. Same went for tempo automation, apparently, although I think that was them just being unwilling.


I’m sure it’ll all be fixed when they release a Pro version.

Oh, wait…



It’s still called Auxy pro. But the main app is Auxy, the full deal.

The term “pro” is thrown around pretty freely in the tech world :joy:



I’m still waiting for Auxy reveal trailer on ps5



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Well no, all Macs currently available will never be able to run iOS Auxy on them. However, a new generation of Macs with Apple’s own processors will be able to, but they aren’t out yet. Just putting this out there so you don’t buy one now and get disappointed that you can’t run Auxy on it


I know. We have to wait.

But I think I’ll need a plan to make it official.

now this, is epic.


epic as my moms fudge cake.

What do you mean by that?

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Did they say that they were gonna run iOS apps next year? @Hum4n01d? Because if yes, crystl, I’m gonna make a plan named AuxMac plan.

Which is my plan to finally get a MacBook & run auxy on it! (As virtually running an iOS music studio app on a computer)

I’ll have what you guys are smoking.

Running a touch based app with no alternate input method (ie, touch screen keyboard, midi input, etc) and no other connectivity options (AUM, Audiobus etc) is like grilling a hamburger with a cigarette lighter, or driving a Lambo 5mph. Can you do it? Yeah I guess. Is the experience going to be any good? …

I think a unified platform is awesome - especially if they’ve got AUv3s running under the new silicon. Being able to host iOS music apps like Rozeta Suite, Ripplemaker, Retro Piano, Fractal Bits inside of a DAW like Logic or Live or whatever, THAT is exciting. It will in many ways be revolutionary for folks workflow.

But if you guys wanna build forts out of toothpicks, knock yourselves out I guess :man_shrugging:


Everybody’s so excited for desktop Auxy that they end up putting the cart before the horse. It does seem that Apple could potentially put touchscreen support on their future Macs, which would be a really big deal overall, and thereby give credence to the idea of being able to virtually run iOS software on MacOS. But that’s like years away from this point.


It’s worth noting that developers will need to opt-in before their app will run on the new Macs.


Good to know, I wasn’t aware

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