Auxy Discord Directory [for chatty chatty]


yeah, that’s fine - but add a note saying that, so people know.

We just don’t want 50 gaming discords listed.


This is nice! I didn’t know there were any other discords! I added my own too :smiley:


Added my new server :wink:

Had to un-ping some people though, it wouldn’t let me ping more than 10 people. Replaced it with just their names. :slight_smile:


and just added the server for my new label


Idk why but I made a servr


yo what happened to the meme server


New meme server


Rename me to mr. Underrated, thx


added my collective


Removed mine; reserved for patrons from patreon only


Removed Hexxagon and eXodus because they don’t exist anymore

#45 New server


Updated title of my server to correct form of ohch™️


My server is dead as heck, lmao


Which servers would you recommend I join? Idk which ones are good😂


auxy collective is like the only active server lmao.


Haha ok thanks!


Added Hexxagon 3, we’re implementing Auxy themed games. Winner gets to have a reposted track of their choice by me


I added WIDU Music, an equal opportunity cross-DAW label looking for unique musicians


Changed the invite link to the right channel and added a co-owner