Auxy Discord Directory [for chatty chatty]

There’s been a bunch of Discord Servers created for chatting over recent months, but it hasn’t always been easy to find the details and they don’t always stay active.

If you have an active Discord server, click the EDIT button on this post and add it to the list. If you haven’t been here long enough to see the Edit button, then reply in this thread with the details, asking someone to add it to the list for you.

Auxy Community Run by Zeph
The Auxy Collective Run by Arimyth, Hum4n01d, Hexx, Ianardo, ToxicCaves64, polarzero, stereofield, and the community
Euphony Run by Conux, TheRealJFalc, SanaB & Stigmo
Blackocean’s Island Run by blackocean
Sylex Run by Hum4n01d, Arimyth, ToxicCaves64, & Ianardo
The Guild of Aaron Trinh Run by Aaron Trinh, Fadent, Midnight Sky
SHIF7’s Server Run by Shif7
melo. (label) Run by SanaB & Stereofield
aUstin’s “Official” server of ohch:tm: Run by aUstin and an inactive phluze
Frontier Music Run by stereofield.
five. Run by sei (surf), Thrashie (Kro), Matik, & Joshua Tu
Amino Acids Run by Aquax
NotServer - The NotMiles Server
Cornea Island Run by Cornea and Xiejra
A.R Network Run by Indirect and Little Baby
Hexxagon 3 Run by Hexx, Arimyth, Polarzero, Glacial Viper, and aero
WIDU Music Run by Insolidarity and Breezyz
The self promotion server Run by Jax
stereofield Run by stereofield
efflux. Run by Mr Mooo, Cuber and HYDRANS


I am trying to get the link for eXodus Chamber but I can’t right now. The eXodus Chamber is, “a record label for any aspiring artist!”, if you were wondering. It’s a discord channel run by @Hexx, @MrSerpent, and @Arimyth. If any of you can give a link, please do.


You erased my Discord

(spagoot did)

I don’t have a link. You can add it if you want. I did not erase it, I just didn’t put it on in the first place.

The discourse software doesn’t always handle concurrent changes very well in these Wiki threads.

So if two people make a change at the same time, one person’s edits may be affected.


That’s what I was thinking was happening

yeah, not ideal… but still easier to have them all listed in one top post, without needing to scroll through a whole thread of comments.


Added the staff of each server :smiley:


actually freeform is run by me

that’s a joke right? :\

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You dropped this: /s


yeah that one guy that owned it randomly gave me ownership of it then left

Well, that’s interesting :l


Can we get chat to more than 6 bembers?

I belive in youu

the link for the auxy community server doesn’t work

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Do these discord servers have to be auxy specific or can it also be for general chatting and chilling?

We don’t want heaps of non-Auxy / non-Music discords listed eg: this isn’t the place to list a discord for Gaming etc.

But, if you have a discord for chatting and socialising that may be interesting and relevant for Auxy forum members, you can add it to the list. Maybe add a note about the type of chat.

Is it okay if mine is Auxy socializing and gaming?