Auxy disco glitch

Hey evryone! There is a wierd glitch on Auxy disco. I click on the reply button and start to type something. But the keyboard blocks my view of the message so not only can I see what I am writing but I can’t send files of songs. Any thoughts?

Usually, you need to scroll so that you can see what you’re typing. Safari or iOS for iPhones, for my experience, are really annoying, which is partly why I myself make/reply to posts through Android, mainly because it feels more streamline.

I imagine this is what you’re experiencing:

If it helps, press “Done” then import what you need to post


I try scrolling but it stays blocking the text.

@iammane can you help?

It’s happened to me too. Usually it works pretty well on mobile, but sometimes it misbehaves and I’m not really sure why. You could try hitting the down arrow in the upper right hand side if it’s available and it should put your response down below in a blue bar like so:

I’ll be honest though, the behavior is pretty perplexing. You could always just post anything and then edit it too

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Not sure what’s happening to you guys, I’m fine.


could you show a screenshot?

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Uhh, I don’t know how to send one. Especially if i cant see what I’m writing.