Auxy Day Mode Tip!

So, as we all know, Auxy has a dark theme. I like the look of the interface. However, if anyone wants a “day mode” theme (light colored), then just do this!

Go to settings, click “General”, go to “Accessibility”, click “Display Accommodations”, and check “Invert Colors”.

If you want a fast shortcut, while on the “Accessibility” screen, go to the bottom and click “Accessibility Shortcut”, and select “Invert Colors”. Now, whenever you want to use your day mode theme, triple click the home button! To turn it off, triple click again!

I will admit, it’s weird at first, and some things don’t look the greatest with this, but it’s fun to try! Let me know what you think!

I would upload screenshots, but they save normally and not with the inverted colors.

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Thank you glitché

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You label your projects? You’re so organised! Btw I have nothing against that.

Yeah I can send you how I organize, well a synopsis of it.

You don’t have to. The way I work works fine for me

But thanks for offering

Woah! I didnt know that! Thanks. Ill still probably jeep it dark tho. And hey does anyone know where to go to chamge the FORUM to “night mode”?

You can use this trick. :wink:
Actually, just click your profile icon in the top right, click the settings gear, and change the “account” drop down to “interface”. Then select the dark theme.


I inverted my colors and noticed everyones profile pic loves amazing😂

I edited my response, there’s an actual way.