Auxy could create their OWN plugins


I would really appreciate this becoming a reality…

I was thinking, instead of wondering/hoping one day we can add plug-ins to Auxy, maybe the team can work on a plug-in that is not necessarily as detailed as most out there, but something enough to truly intensify sounds as a usual plug-in would.

It would also separate our “world” of Auxy musicians from the rest, as the plug-in would only be available for Auxy users.

I can see why this would be very complicated to do or plain old time consuming, but it would really give Auxy a major boost. (I’d be willing to pay a few extra bucks if this happens to be a possibility.)

[I know some of you struggle to pay for the membership but I’d really like to cooperate in helping Auxy advance. In a world like ours, that’s practically impossible without funding.]


Isn’t that what we have now?
ie - a synth + fx, exposed as macros.


Although it’s fantastic what we have available in Auxy at the moment. There are some key “fx” that aren’t available.

I was referring to a plug-in that would be a bit more enhanced than what we have available.

For example, lets say you take a sound from Auxy and have the ability to add, (arguably) key components such as flanger or choose between different sets of reverb as a plug-in would usually provide.


I think the thread title should probably read ‘plugins’ (plural) then?

Fwiw, this is how I’ve always thought Auxy should have been architected.
A simple synth (with amp envelopes) and the ability to add FX to each sound.

Fingers crossed the ‘under the hood’ improvements started in the last update are a move in this direction.


Im broke I can’t afford this


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Similar to what I thought was well but they have already began, there is no going back, only forward; therefore, a move like this one (creating their own decent plug-in) would really help.

Additionally, when the application was quite fresh (let us say Auxy 2-3) it had about a full-on 5 star rating. I’m not sure if the subscription had an effect on lowering the ratings or something similar but it’s obvious it’s lowering, and I would hate to see such a good application decrease in popularity because of less advancement towards the application.

On another subject, imagine, you take a sound such as “Belt” from the “Disturbing Leads” soundpack and being able to thoroughly automate it enough to create a successful growl. A decent plug-in could really help with that and that is what I’m going for with this thread, that idea.

I’ve spent hours a day trying to figure what are the best possible ways to create growls, or at least come close to doing so but the current available automations do not quite make it possible enough.

(Not to shout out my own track) In, my recent track, you’d be surprised how long it took me to create those “brostep growls.” I’d say I did a good enough job with the capabilities available, I don’t believe I left out a single automation in order to create those sounds. Everything from reverb to par to highpass, etc.




Auxy as we know it right now won’t be hosting AUv3’s I’d suspect. When you read from other devs the difficulties with shoehorning that support into existing apps it’s pretty frightful.

Not to mention, AUv3 host needs a mechanism to display the AU control panel, seems like a real nightmare given the existing setup.

This isn’t to say there couldn’t be native FX that would work, in some fashion. Agreed with @blakkaz with any luck the engine improvements will yield something like this :slight_smile:


The Corn has been doing pretty gud with those dubstep growls tho


lol imagine the Auxy background with something like Serum just dropped on top


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I don’t think this would manifest as a “plugin” per se. it would probably just be an IAP that you buy. Like “Auxy FX Suite” for 4.99 additional or something. So we’re basically in the realm of in app purchases on top of the subscription fee. Or they might just bake it into the app who knows


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i hope that they dont decide to do in-app purchases if they made a plugin. They’d prob just drop it in the subscription tho.

next up, Auxy emotes. only 100 A-bucks


glitch plug in


I’m getting the floss


Serum is pretty straight foward so I could be designed like that
And for mixing and mastering it would be cool to use something like OTT
Or we could import our own


uhhhh i don’t think there’s really any way to get something as big as serum onto a mobile device


For what it’s worth, when you look at the various synths that have been ported to iOS I respectfully disagree. Anything Sugarbytes (literally 1:1 with what’s on desktop), KORG, even Reason Compact’s Europa comes pretty close to what you get in the desktop version of Reason (minus a little functionality but what you do get fitting in your pocket is nothing short of amazing).

Also, KORG Electribe Wave just went universal, it’s a full on wavetable synth inside a groovebox type app that allows multiple instances of the synth engine. I haven’t tried it myself but most people I’ve read who use it are very impressed with the sound.