Auxy Community: Thoughts/ Auxy vs. Other Music Production Apps

Does anyone feel like the Auxy community keeps emptying up. I left Auxy disco and took a break for a year or so and now many of my old friends and favorite producers seem to be gone (Ex. @SanaB, @decruz, and more). I feel as though other producers are moving onto more complex apps such as ableton, but I can’t seem to make the transition myself. Is it time to do so? Or is there something new that is drawing the attention of producers now? I just want to know what people think because it makes me really sad when I see people’s last posts were in like 2018 and I never said goodbye. :frowning::sob:


tru people have left n moved on (or just disappeared), but it’s not like new faces haven’t shown up either. Some people just get busy or can’t afford the time to be producing anymore for one reason or another. Nothing’s necessarily drawing everyone’s attention away from auxy. There’s also some who found/felt auxy to be too limiting for them, so they moved to a desktop daw.

A lot of people, even those that have stopped using auxy still hang around, most notably on the Auxy Collective discord.


sanaB :cry:


Rip, ik, do you know why she stopped producing

I agree in some ways, but I feel as though there are ups and downs in the auxy community. It feels that the Auxy community had a huge up without me and I came back right after that and artists had begun filing out slowly when I was gone. Now that I’m back it seems only a fraction of who I remember remains and not to mention if they even produce music or just repost when they have time. Was there something I’m unaware that happened in the past that made people leave? Or is it just what you said, that people have more things to do now and can’t make music or they all moved to like desktop apps and therefore use SoundCloud and Auxy disco less?

I know I’m being selfish and self-centered but I kinda wish everyone had to make a final post about leaving before they did. Then people would know why they left and if they planned on returning. Since most of the old producers I know stopped, I have a lot of unanswered questions that will probably never be answered because they aren’t on Auxy disco anymore.

Ps. I know this is a selfish post, but I just had to put it out there.

You don’t have to change apps.

The reason a lot of people change is because a full DAW (like Ableton) fits them better… but everyone’s different. Sure, I know how to use Ableton, but I prefer Auxy because of the workflow — it’s easier for me to use.


Same, I fond ableton difficult to use because of all the billions of features but limited sounds. And I still don’t quite understand how to synthesize efficiently. I can play around until a sound is near what I want, but there are so many nobs to play with it would take forever to memorize what each one does.

Well… it’s more focused on sound design, so the “billions of features” are what help you to create unlimited sounds. But some people (like you and me) don’t prefer it for music. One is not objectively better or worse, it just depends on the person


Well I’m sure someday I’ll fully understand all the features and be able to use them and when I can I’ll be able to make a true comparison between different apps.

You probably wouldn’t even need a “true comparison”. Just use whatever you like to use :joy:


But it might be cool to see what other people find useful in another app.

YouTube is great for that kind of thing, comparisons & reviews and stuff

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Yeah, I guess I could look there

Do you know much about Medley? I remember using it in the past but I think I quit because I felt Auxy was more clean and capable.

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Yeah ik, @AnirudhKhanna do you know when @SanaB left? I feel bad because she used to be one of the friendliest people on disco to me. She even replied in most of my few conversation that I started. Wish I had replied back. I feel like a bad person, but back then I just wasn’t used to replying to people’s individual responses one by one. I changed how I use this platform, but now I have to come to terms that it’s too late to be nice to all the people I selfishly ignored back then. :cry:

Btw, that was like 1 or even 2 years ago, RIP
I thought @SanaB left about a year ago or 10 months. She did repost recently on SoundCloud this month so that’s a good sign.

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So in the interest of keeping things on topic, is this about the community or other music apps?

There’s an ebb and flow of people. Some faces are new, some are old, and some people just move on whether it’s because they are using other apps, or software, or maybe just don’t feel like keeping up with an online forum because real life gets busy? Just my perspective.


Yeah, but it’s still sad and you still miss their tracks and presence.

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Sure - that’s life though lol. Gone, but not forgotten :slight_smile:

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Yeah…I guess. Does the Auxy discord have any people still active on it? :frowning: