Auxy Collective: Looking Back - Mister Serpent, Azure Onyx, Jelmø, Viiitality, sn.ow.y, averageteencuber, console.frog, SpaghettiSauce, Ekstrak, sei, HYDRANS [Lo-Fi, Ambient]

10 talented producers from the Auxy community join together to bring you “Looking Back”, an atmospheric lo-fi beat tape comprised of multiple unique styles.


HYDRANS (Can only mention 10 users :sob:)



I just did the master for this one but I’m really glad how it turned out anyways

nice work everyone!

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This was an absolute blast to work on. It sounds so awesome, and I’m happy that we got it out!


forum title isn’t long enough


this was so fun and it turned out so well, glad to be a part of the megacollab!

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wait where was there dnb or prog house in this lol

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ekstrak lol


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My bad, was from the interstate five post. :rofl:

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kudos to everyone involved!

this one was great to work on, i loved how the songs turned out, especially ekstrak’s song, which i helped a lot with. it’s nice to see new lofi stuff in this community again, and it’s even better to be a part of it. i encourage all of you that worked on this to try more lofi stuff. you all did great, and it shows.

also thanks for letting me mix the whole thing! it was fun even though i got sidetracked many times and made you guys wait a lot😂