Auxy Challenge: Training System

Say hello to my new challenge.

All entries must be completed before the end of February (USA [ET]). Well, where did this idea come from? The Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19. This is only for the people who lost their brackets in the tournament on the second round or earlier. I will notify everybody once the contest is over, because I will rank the winner and everybody else telling them what they did good on, and what they need to improve on. I will list it from who submitted first to last. If there is enough entries, then I will list the top 3.

Here are the rules, that are super random:

The winner will get a mention on my user card. Remember, this challenge is just for the practice!

No likes? No likes? No pahahahahaha!

Whatever you do, do NOT rank tracks from worst to best


I meant best to worse bc I can tell who needs to improve on what

Whatever you do, do NOT rank tracks from best to worst


I don’t think there needs to be a ranking system. Feedback is feedback is feedback. You can’t tell someone their track is the “worst track” and expect that to be encouraging or constructive. Picking a favorite is one thing, but a ranking system is a surefire way to potentially kill someone’s morale to continue making music.


Well, it is not like I need to put in a ranking order.

Maybe I can just mention every user still, but tell them what they did good on, and what they need to improve on, but instead, I will list it from who entered first to last


What he’s saying is don’t tell people if they did the worst, maybe just mention the winner, or the top three?

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It’s always a bad idea to rank people from “best to worst”, in stuff like this. It becomes the opposite of training and pushes people away. Besides, who really knows the most about this app around here? Unless you’re a professional sound engineer that’s worked with Grammy-nominated artists, or have years under your belt of knowing what you’re doing, then it’s rather difficult to find a good teacher.


Well, that was my original plan, but I do not want people to feel bad about themselves.

And @Jax, you are 100% right.

So I have a new plan: If we get enough entries, I can list the top three, and mention the rest by the order they submitted. If we don’t, then I will mention the one winner, and the rest by the order they submitted.


Oh shoot, If I win this challenge can I be an S tier producer

pretty please

since its a ranked system haha


Look at the comment war. Also, the directions were updated long ago.

@everyone just read the rules again, and calm down. I already updated the information at the top.

No offense but you have a lot of Auxy challenges going right now, so it might be kind of confusing for other people because you are running so many.


I know. I actually only have 2 ongoing challenges. I in total had 5 (that is a ton compared to how long it was since I joined), but 3 ended, 1 with no entries.

Guys will anybody submit? It has been 16 days and the deadline is only a few days away!

Here wE go.

No winners!