Auxy "band"*****

Wondering if anyone in this forum has tried using Ableton link to jam live with others?

Last year I took four iPads to the New Latin Wave festival in New York City and labeled each one with a sign reading. “I am the bass” " I am the drums" etc and let anyone visiting join a live Auxy Jam.
It worked really well and people of all backgrounds were able to join and jam.

Now, I wouldn’t call the musical results great, but that wasn’t the point of the experience then.

If anyone in New York is interested, I would be happy to organize a session.
Also would love to hear about your experience with multi-device Jams on Auxy.


I was in ny yesterday

That’s pretty cool man… this is one of the best things about mobile and I feel like people don’t really take advantage of it, myself included. It’s so easy (especially now with Link and I guess WIST before it) to sync up devices across multiple apps.

This would be cool to get into, but with work, kids etc it’s damn near impossible. Glad to hear though that people are doing this kind of stuff it’s really awesome

That’s cool!

I have not used Link to pair two iOS devices, I use Link to pair to Live, all the time.

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What does Ableoton link do?

It works between software/apps that support it. It basically shares tempo info right now, future versions hopefully will support synchronous play start / stop

huh, cool

I’ve used it to sync Auxy + Blocs Wave + Groovebox. Pretty wild stuff!