AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


If you have not purchased any AP packs, the original drums will be locked. You cannot copy any legacy drum kits but they won’t disappear from the project unless they’re deleted. If you have purchased at least one AP at the current point in time you will have access to the samples at the very least. Otherwise you’re stuck with only 16 samples and whatever legacy kits you have used previously.


Your old kits will remain the way they are in your current projects.


Hello Dear Auxy Programmers and Business-Doyers :slight_smile:

I have a long time to think about the business model of new Auxy 5.0 and my inner response to it. It is not easy to talk about it as it is right saying: yeah, we in Poland are not rich people.

I have really enjoyed the old model, when I was able to pay several bucks for a pack of instruments once and forever. I really understand the calculation of new monthly-fee for YOUR-side conditions.
However, the new model caused complete block of mine of using auxy, I’m on the crossroads - to pay or not to pay. I would like to use new features (I can use them for free for a limited time), but afterwards - I would have to stop using them, which is a pain.
You should know, that there, in Poland, we have the life model: you cannot afford it - do not buy it.
For our ordinary life, (you must multiply those 5 bucks by 4 or 5 to fill like a Pole). It is (5$) often 1/100 of montly income, which is not cheap. The worse is to the East from Poland (Ukraine for example).

The fee I could accept (to be in peace with myself) is maximum 2-3 USD for a month, which wouldn’t be noticeable for my pocket.

Please, take my voice into consideration.

I believe, that lowering monthly fee to 2 USD/month will not decrease your income as more people (including me) will buy the premium access. Also, If you set 2 USD, then We in Poland will pay about 10 PLN which is almost 3 USD (yeah, taxes, rounding the price up, etc, as we have to pay 21 PLN now, which is over 6 bucks or a little over 5 euro) The another way is to lower yearly-fee to the 6-7 months equivalent. I would get premium at that price, which is about 1/20 of average month income, but once for a year.

I wish you The Best I can, because Auxy Studio is the fastest attitude for music making ever (for me especially - I do not play any instrument except the guitar) and the result is always fantastic, as you guys are :smiley:


Finally updated to iOS 11 and finally got the new Auxy as well as the newest update, and just wanted to tell you how completely satisfied I am. Huge amount of new sounds to play with, build your own drum kit approach is perfect, sample import is dead easy, you have done so many improvements to the workflow that I can’t begin to name them. Well done.


Today is christmas! One more month until Auxy 5 is a year old


Wow, it’s been that long?


Auxy could use an update, if it’s been a year. But the devs have been rolling out tons of new sound packs, not to mention the 2 new ones we just got in one month :clap:, so they are probably doing their best, and I guess we might not actually need a update… but

Please add master effects

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