AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


Esoteric? I think you mean exotic. Might I also suggest “Awesome” and “amazing” and “limitless”?


I’m not sure I understand your argument. Are you saying that Apple is making iOS worse with each update, and therefore it makes sense for us to support older versions?

In practice, most people will update to the latest iOS version, or at least the latest 10.x version in this case. So for us it makes most sense to work on making the app stable for these versions. If 10.3 has bugs, it’s better to update to iOS 11 then?


Actually, the piano sounds have very small variations in tuning based on randomness to give them a more natural feel. #sidenote


Nah, man. Automated detuning! Give a sound progressively more detune to gradually fatten it.

Could also be used to creating phase/flange modulation.

(Of course, Tuning available on melodic library sounds would be real handy too, for the same reasons.)


I wasn’t referring to the piano sounds, but now that you mention it, I love how pitching up Origin produces a mandolin/guitar like sound. By the way, did N. Flyctt not actually create the soundpack? His name has been mysteriously removed from the soundpack page…




Right but we’re talking about drums here? Perhaps a divider for your pitch automation then.


He did create the pack in collaboration with us.


Where did his name go? The listing under “Signature Pianos” is now SAMPLETEKK much like the Vintage Pianos collection


Well, seeing as the drums kit mechanism is also the ‘sampler’, it’s going to be used with melodic/tonal sounds too, for sure.

Basically, the Tuning tool you have now, but for all library sounds and imports + available for automation.



Yes please! I’ve really wanted something like this to create a vibrato effect on instruments!


That’s great and all, but don’t you find it a bit unfair for users to have to buy a subscription in order to even use those types of tuned kick-drum basses when before, they didn’t have to pay at all, and they would create amazing creations? That’s just what I and one of my friends, who also uses Auxy, feel about this whole sub kick-drum thing. But, it’s whatever, you know? :disappointed: :disappointed_relieved:


The new version is awesome and I really enjoy it.
However there are some problems I think that should be fixed. And I think there’s some features that should be added at the next update.

The brand new design of drum track is great, but nearly all of the original presets do not have the corresponding new version of it. And the old drum tracks cannot be transformed into the new version. Some old sets are really great and some of us got used to them. I know all the samples of it is still exist, but it takes a lot of time and effort to reorganize the set. That’s very inconvenient I think.

A feature that can save the preset of drum set is also needed. It can save a lot of time. It takes a lot of time to pick and modify the samples, and it’s inconvenient to copy the drum set to another projects.

I don’t know if it’s a bug that some of the samples have no preview sound when I selected it.

After all, is an amazing update and you did a great job.


I feel the exact same way.


I don’t have the update?


You need to go to the App Store and get it


All of the drums are still availeble though under “original drums”


Yeah, they might be there, but remember how before you used to be able to choose WHEN you wanted the sub bass for the kick on “Dollar” to actually kick in? (Pun intended) I’m just saying that I wish I had that control again over the kick.


Let me get this straight, new samples and sounds every month or just new sounds every month


@lenberg, I don’t know if you got my previous message, but I realized why I “hated” the new version so much, and that was because I wasn’t used to it, lol. Once I started to make more and more songs with it, I found out how to make songs that sounded like my style again, and I truly value and appreciate this new update!! Thank you guys for all the hard work you do here at Auxy!!


Question, I still have not updated but will soon. What will happen to my old drum kits? On some tracks, i use three or four different drum instruments, using only a couple hits on each one, with completely different processing. Am I going to have to search down each individual sample and then create the right levels and sound coloring all over again? It seems like the older kids will not load in the new update, correct?

On the plus side I have two 4-track EP’s created entirely in Auxy that will be dropping soon. I think the updated will probably be done after I finish this …