AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


Okay. good to know


I love the new update! I have not tried importing samples yet but it appears to be a very useful feature


I’m going to be honest. I personally don’t like the new Auxy update. I find it much more complicated to create anything, and the fact that they got rid of some of the drums that some of us used for so long, kinda feels like an insult, to be honest. For example, I used the drums, “Charge”, and “Dollar” a lot. But now, however, I can’t use those drums anymore. Yeah sure, I might be able to create my own drum kit, but what about the sub bass for the kick on “Dollar”?! I can’t edit when I want it to kick in anymore(pun intended)!! So, if Auxy is to have a future update, they should just return what they had in the first place, because personally, that works better than the new stuff!!
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Here you pinpoint the problem of using apps that are not maintained and therefore won’t run on newer versions of iOS. Our goal is not to leave Auxy the way it is. We want to keep pushing and develop it along with new device releases and iOS versions.


Yes we’re going to add both samples and instrument sounds.


If you pull up the Dollar kick sample, you can use the highpass filter and get a similar effect.


I’m not arguing with the need to move forward, but not supporting any versions of iOS 10 except 10.3 was definitely a surprise. Basically you’re not supporting anything older than the past six months, not even that.

As anyone who works with music making software can tell you, any OS update almost invariably presents a host of problems & bugs that one has to deal with, so not always updating automatically with each and every new version, especially if the current one is stable.

Obviously it’s your decision, I’m just saying this as a customer who has supported you by buying every sound pack and was looking forward to the update… i’m sure I’ll update at some point, just not as soon as I would have liked.

As for iOS 11, it’s definitely a polarizing move by Apple. One on the old apps to get killed was the old version of Auxy, which I still use and enjoy. It shouldn’t have to be that progress means killing of the old as well…


A “similar” effect, isn’t the same thing as actually having that effect. I’m just saying that I would prefer to have that control over the sub bass again. But, what are you going to do, you know? Nothing I can do about it now, lol.


Can someone please tell me what Drum Tuning is? Like the Tune knob.


It seems to tune the instrument at different intervals than the pitch. So if you go full left on the tune it’s halfway between the next pitch down. That’s my guess at least.


That’s exactly what it does


Fwiw, I’m running iOS 11.2.5 on my iPad Mini 2, and the old (pre-‘Studio’) Auxy launches and seems to run fine.

This one… image


Please add delay FX to drums.


There is also a whole pack of tuned kick-drum basses that you can use and get some more control over the actual sub tones. :wink:


It’s plus/minus 0.5 semitones, i.e. not much.


s’all you need to fill in the gaps, when you have the Pitch control too. :+1:


Yeah someone must have thought this through before adding the control. :wink:


Definitely one of my favorite features added is pitch for every single drum sound, even hihats! I find it really useful. :slight_smile:


Now, if I can just convince that someone to open it to automation… :wink: :wink:


That sounds beyond esoteric to me… :slight_smile: