AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


Hi, not sure what is up, I’m a US user and there is no update for Auxy in the App Store and I’m certain from what I’ve seen that I don’t have it. Is there any way to update manually from within the app? It is out, right??


If you are on iOS 10 or above it should show, otherwise I don’t think it will show for you.


I have V10.2.1


Maybe refresh your app store or restart your device? Try updating to 11 just to be sure as well.


When I go to my app list in the store it is listed as V5.0.0! I’ve rebooted. Can’t update to iOS 11 as I have business apps that will not work. If I’m opening a new project, going to drums and I would see the “Custom” at the top like I saw in the screen shot, but I’m not. If I uninstall and reinstall I assume I would lose all my work? Why is this happening to meeeeee??


I think the only thing that I dont like about this update is that charge is gone. I know that I can probably recreate it but Id rather have a heavy drum preset so that I dont have to take 5 hours making one.


I remade all of the og kits
Just copypasta the kit when you make a new project


Excited here!
The essential question before upgrading is:
Will my existing projects break or get missing parts and samples if I upgrade?


You could chop vocals itself with importing


Argh, i’m still on iOS 10.2!
Too late to install 10.3, and I really don’t want to go to 11 because I will lose many good old apps… f–king Apple…


Does not show for 10.2, seems to require 10.3 or higher. :frowning: :frowning:


a tremendous upgrade !! thank you for all the hard work to give us this !


Auxy team, u guys r the best. I really like this community. And I’m so glad u guys r pushing boundaries and mindsets. Auxy means a lot to me as it has opened the door for music production. Other methods were too costly and I invested in my current phone just to use Auxy. I’m gladly purchasing a yearly package. All the best to the team. Hit me up if u r interested in listening to the things I’ve created.


You can acces all those other effects inside the kit. It’s much better to spend more time on something btw. It creates better qaulity


None of the original instruments is gone. Charge is under “original drums”


Perhaps this can help:


The problem for me is clearly 10.3. The App Store says 10.3 or higher is required. I think the other poster also mentioned he was running 10.2.

10.3 That was a very minor tweak to 10.2 which was stable, so I never updated it and now we’re at 11, which kills lots of old music apps. I’m a bit surprised that earlier versions of iOS 10 aren’t supported. Oh well…


Heck yeah. U got a soundcloud?


Lenberg, based on your descriptions above about the new update, there will only be drum samples added monthly. Will there be other samples (basses, leads, plucks, pads, etc.) added monthly? I feel that the drum library is large enough already, yet the amount of melodic samples are only a tiny fraction of the amount of drum samples.


I’m definitely certain melodic instruments will be added. This was a very drum centric update (which was long overdue and badly needed!) so I don’t doubt in the upcoming additions we’ll see plenty of both