AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


The update is great, but I’m struggling with one concept…
Could somebody explain to me why we need 100 different snares? To me, the change is welcome, but a bit confusing in the sense that it seems to give almost too many options. I’ll browse through some snares and I get the feeling that there’s just so many that sound very similar.

The only downside is that when I make a drum kit (speaking of, we should be totally able to save presets to a ‘Favorite Drum Kits’ section…?), it’s immobilizing when I have to choose between 5 snares that sound exactly the same.

But most music making softwares seem to do this, so I’m assuming there’s a reason for it…? Same goes for kicks, shakes, etc.

(Additional comments, so I don’t post five more like this and fill up the topic—what’s the deal with drum automations? Adding pitch, length, tuning, etc., is great, but it would be even greater if one could automate them, even if by a master control, like pitch. Also, my comments on uncharacteristically unnecessary variety extend to the new Boom Bass pack.)


Different snares and kicks etc are useful in different situations. Even if they seem almost the same, it can make a big difference.


Could somebody explain to me why we need 100 different snares?

Variety, expansion, less limited options, more genre capabilities, personal preferences, etc.


If we’re really talking about removing sounds because of “lack of quality”, why not keep an instrument like Dollar (which is amazing for trap beats) and remove instruments that are truly low quality and unused like Bow and Bumble? The reality is that keeping these drum kits in the app would have no negative effect whatsoever, and some people #1 (especially if they have soundpacks already) don’t want to pay a constant premium subscription and more importantly #2 don’t want to spend several minutes trying to recreate and tweak a drum kit every single time.


Ok first off, Bow is freaking awesome when used well. Same for bumble. Haven’t you heard @SUFOS’s song Clouds? It works wonders with the drums there.

However, I do agree the lack of legacy drum kits is disappointing, and maybe should be reconsidered.


My point is that if bow and bumble are spared because of the occasional niche use that it has, then of course constantly used kits like Dollar should be kept.

Seems like we’re in agreement in this sense.


Sorry, just sort of triggered when you said they should be removed lol.

But yeah, agreement is had.


Obliged to pay to be able to play with the original kits if you don’t have a premium account ? I don’t think it’s a very good idea…


It’s currently a bug that is being fixed.


bow is A1


One of my friends told me he thought I’d been producing on FL studio.


Heck yeah I am


I love most of the update, except that there are only two drum sets worth of sounds for non-subscribers. This is way too limiting, so I’m probably gonna stop using Auxy :confused:


Wow wow wow. I won’t be sleeping tonight. Though I get a free two month trial, I might sign up for the year subscription just to show my full support. At 50 something dollars this is the cheapest daw out there and is a real competitor against desk and laptop comparably. I will need a solid month to really delve into everything that is possible with the new format. Look forward to the new stuff coming to our ear waves. Can’t wait till the next BTC and thank you thank you thank you
@lenberg @Fredrik :pray::pray::pray: and to anyone else that puts their time and passion into the development of this wonderful app


Look at what I was able to able to make because of this amazing update! @Fredrik @lenberg


Currently the original drum sounds are locked due to a glitch but they will be fixed soon! Please don’t quit auxy D:


That’s true. I’ll give it a week.


It’s a long weekend here in Oz, so I’m diving in to 5.0…

The first thing that strikes me is the need for a tuner.

I’ve found a few reasonable work-arounds, but I think a discreet little pitch indicator would be a great addition to the macro panel.


It was so much easier to use regular drums AND use effects on them (dist, compress and so on).

If i use „kick“ out of „drum Kit“, i just have „low pass“, „highpass“ and „volume“. Where are the other effects?

I dont want to spend 30 hours to search options-i want to open the program and start work with it (as it was possible within the versions till the introduction of version 5.

I am not comfortable with the new version (5). How can i undo the last update / how can i change back to Auxy 4?


Just noticed something that I think could easily be improved and be very helpful:

The new individual drum kit buttons, for tweaking the samples, they are not a part of the piano roll header within the drum instrument, meaning if you’ve got a long pattern and want to tweak the drum sound while you’re working on bar 4 or 8 or whatever, you have to scroll all the way back to the first bar to access the sample tweaks. It would be a lot more useful if they were a part of the header and therefore visible no matter which bar you’re on.

And also, since we now have tweak panels showing up in the editor page, might as well have the tweaks for the other sounds accessible from there also. That way we can compose and sculpt the sound simultaneously.

And hell, now that I think about it, you should probably also be able to switch over to the automation controls from within the piano roll too. Makes sense. Then you’d have everything a lot quicker to get to, and it perhaps feel more cohesive. The main page wouldn’t change. Just a bit of additional navigation shortcuts from within the drum/piano roll pages