AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


There can still be quantity and quality.

The roman legions were massive. They were all really good fighters. See my point?


Absolutely :+1:


They are all still quality though



Sounds library is absolutely fantastic.
Price or subscription system seems debatable though, I feel it’s not so expensive.

One point I want to mention, is, new Auxy make me feel “money limits music creations” more than previous one. This is not due to price setting, but interface.
In previous Auxy, we could create a track without seeing non-purchased sound packs in project or producing process. We could always go to sound pack menu though, it wouldn’t bother WHILE making music. We could do whatever we want in project menu with offered demo and purchased instruments. Then, when we feel we want to CREATE MORE, we buy stuff.
Whereas in new Auxy, we can see and try all the non-purchased sounds WHILE CREATING. If you try to put non-purchase sounds in project, it goes “please pay, if you don’t pay, it’s locked”. This flow could stop creation and could make the user feel “I need to pay money to CREATE MUSIC (which is not true, you need to pay to create decent music, but not in all case)”
This may sound a bit biased though, if I was a newcomer to Auxy, I would think like that.

If the main purpose of dev team is collecting money to run the team, it’s fine. People will pay money to remove their limit.
But if the purpose is to encourage any (skill or financial) level of creator to make music, please note this.
All you need to do is separate subscription page from producing process. I’m sure it will change the impression of this app.


Feature request: Would it be possible to have the option to save our custom drum kits? I’ve created a couple of kits already that are sweet as, and the only way I can save them right now is to copy them into an empty project and then name that. It’d be awesome to be able to create my drum kits, then save them and have them appear in the library under, say, “My Sounds” or something like that. Then when I create a project I can either build a kit from scratch, use a pre-made one from the Auxy library, or one of my own previously stored creations.


I completely agree. It’s not difficult to use by ay means, but it’s not nearly as fast and fluid as it used to be. That was what drew me to the app in the first place.


I purchased all of collection 1 and all I get now is an extended free trial? Do I have to subscribe to use those sounds again?


We want to encourage anyone who cares enough and is able to afford $5 per month on a great music platform.


Yes this is something we want to explore for future updates.

Post your great Auxy feature idea here!

Keep in mind that you just got the new version which means you have to get used to having things working slightly differently.


Feature request:

It would be outstanding to have the Tuning available for melodic library sounds – ideally with automation too.

Detuning FTW!

I’m expecting great things from the future melodic sound releases.
Would be great to be able to detune them, for layering up and fattening sounds.


The problem with basing your decisions on the group of beta testers you were using is that you do not get a representative sample of the community as a whole, which based on my poll seems to somewhat disagree with you in terms of taking a step in the right direction.

We’ll just have to see what people think of it after a bit of time. :slight_smile:


Indeed. It’ll be interesting to see how prepared the naysayers are to give up access to the library, features, etc… when the trial runs out. :wink:


Process of elimination + weeding out the weak = free trial


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so much quality they didnt check what they added and an instrument with a “bad” name passed trhu, mhm…


i would suggest you learning some history before using romans as an example xD


Nothing to do with actual quality.


My thoughts exactly. At the same time, I am still very grateful to @lenberg and @fredik for the new update. I think it bring some much needed and wanted features. I just miss the old Auxy