AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


Yeah it didn’t work. I think it was sending the m4a version to Auxy. I had to export to a file, move it into the samples folder, then install Cloud Convert to convert the sample to wav so that Auxy could see it.


Thanks for your input and glad you like the update! Your feature requests are noted for future updates.

About the old kits, the reason we haven’t added them is that we felt that they are not the quality level that we want to have. We think the new kits and sounds are much better, so it felt wrong to add legacy kits that would bring the quality down. I appreciate that many people have grown to like and use the original kits though and you can still access these samples and recreate the kits. I think once you “move on” and start exploring new drum sounds, you won’t be looking back.


I change my mind after experimenting with the app. I thinks it’s great!


Great! Looking forward to some new videos!


A review vidoe and first looks and basics of the update will be coming out tomorrow!


I think it will either die or continue to be developed. There’s no “final version” in software these days. :slight_smile:


Raises an interesting point.

Would it be possible to add support for importing m4a and mp3 down the line?
It would help reduce the overall weight of storing imported samples locally to a fraction.

(I understand there’s a quality question, but imo, give them the choice and the community/FAQ can do the educating.)


You should use a recorder that records in wav then. Perhaps there’s a setting in the one you used.


Technically, it supports FLAC! I don’t think we want to encourage low quality audio imports in general.


I recorded the sample over 12 months ago, I hadn’t even heard of Auxy back then! :joy:


That’s great, but it’s kinda the opposite of what I’m getting at. :wink:

I don’t think we want to encourage low quality audio imports in general.

You are aware that WAV doesn’t guarantee quality, right?
I don’t think you’re checking for a minimum bitrate in the WAVs, just relying on them being ‘high quality’.

Anyhoo, suggestion made. :slight_smile:


I have iOS 10 so I don’t know why it’s not showing up.


I grabbed it from Lowey’s web server. Something like Dropbox or Google Drive etc would probably work. I get that due to potential copyright reasons the samples can’t be shared.

iOS just doesn’t make things EASY that’s for sure… file management is better than it used to be, but it still is a pain in the ass…


One thing I noticed. Is some sounds/samples have an annoying buzzing sound while recorded… so while you recorded them I must of had static or what not. @lenberg u should take note to listen to some of the samples that have these sounds I’m talking about. Some are from the human voices


Give me an example! We haven’t recorded these sounds. They are licensed from e.g. Black Octopus. It’s ok that some recordings aren’t perfect for some samples.


The first three have a buzzing noise after played and it interferes with the song.


Got it! Thanks! Will try to fix these. Meanwhile, I think you can cut out the noise with the length setting.


Oh yeah! Great thinking lenpai


great idea, except I’m stuck at school :frowning:


Lenpai knows the drill!