AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


Someone could make a project with the original kits rebuilt and post it in the forum for people who feel like they need a place they recognize to start from. :slight_smile:


Perhaps someone could write a nice little text that convinces parents that investing in a musical creative pursuit is a noble and well worth investment?


Maybe it’s just that you have just updated and not gotten used to the changes yet? Changes can be hard to adjust to but we’re pretty confident that this version is better than the previous. Seems to be what the beta testers think too after using it for some time. So hang in there! :slight_smile:


I think you’ll find that you’re not going back to the What kit anymore when you get used to the new drum approach. :slight_smile:


I definitely agree that the more choices you add, the harder it gets to choose something. We’ve decided to go in this direction because we want to allow people to make tracks that go far beyond what you can do with e.g. the previous kits. And judging by the tracks that the beta testers have made, I’m confident it’s a step in the right direction. It takes some time to get used to but I hope that you’ll hang in there.

Oh, and we also saw a lot of instances where people used multiple kits since they wanted drum sounds from different kits, so this approach simplifies drums in that sense.


You mean name the individual samples, or edit the labels? You can name the kit by setting the channel label obviously.


I meant the individual samples


Give it a week and let me know if you prefer to go back to the old approach! :wink:


Good idea


In the browser or in the editor?


Oh man both if possible.


It’s not technically possible to maintain the same effects routing and at the same time allow tweaks for individual drums. We might expand this in the future to allow for “kit effects” though. In general, this is not the final version of Auxy so there’s lots to come in the future.


In the browser. It probably feels confusing because the update is only a day old, so maybe after a week of figuring it all out, my opinion could change.


Yeah it’s more likely that we add some way to store kits so that you can keep your samples within the kits. Although some sort of tags or naming could make sense to sort the ones you like.

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Fair enough and understandable :slight_smile:


A final version you say…


@lenberg when a final version of Auxy comes out, I think you should remove the subscription system and have the app be a paid license like Ableton Live. I personally don’t like the subscription base you have right now but in the future, this app can be worth the price of Korg gadget or less.


What did you use to send the sample? Perhaps you could just setup a shared Dropbox folder or use a messenger that won’t compress files when you send them?


Unfortunately we cannot really allow sharing projects with imported samples for legal reason, although we agree that it would be nicer to keep that experience smooth.

When you used the voice recorder, was there no option to simply share the recorded audio and open it in Auxy?