AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


There seems a bit of flatulence in there.

Would you not agree


Hey guys how do you get the new auxy? I haven’t seen any updates available yet in the App Store. I’m in illinois in the United States so maybe it’s not available here yet??? I can’t wait to try out the new features!


I updated and I’m in Chicago.


Same here.


What iOS is your phone running? The new update requires iOS 10 or higher.


Dude this opens so many possibilities for the app its unreal. I bet eventually this could be a very good alternative to most PC programs used for music production. you guys did an amazing job!


I know, right. It blows my mind that professional sounding music can be produced on a mobile device that sits in my pocket. It’s absolutely astounding how far we’ve come.

I told Lenberg last night how much I admire what he’s achieved. Even behind the scenes, all he’s interested in is making Auxy a sustainable solution and pushing the boundaries of mobile music making. Love that.

  • I love the new features
  • I don’t love the new features
  • I like the subscription system
  • I don’t like the subscription system
  • I don’t like the subscription system but understand that it is needed

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@Produk Yes, poll is overUse


i dont understand why it was needed if auxy’s moto was “we want small sound packs with carefuly crafted sounds in them” … quality over quantity… but i guess ppl change :\ makes me really sad


I think I made myself clear with this situation


at first i really didn’t like it at all, but i’m kinda getting used to it tho
hopefully i’ll be able to get some cash to keep my subscription going once the 2 month trials end


I like the subscription because I won’t have to worry about watching a sound pack countdown, buying it, and downloading every time


I’m still wondering where the vocal chops are lmao


I kind of already know the answer to this question, but what the hell I’m gonna ask anyway.

I’ve successfully shared a sample with @lowey on a track we’ve started working on. The process was AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. It’s not your guys fault, it’s part iOS BS limitations, part format conversion tomfoolery.

When you use samples in say, a GarageBand song, it stores the sample inside the actual .band file. Is there any chance we could have the same thing for Auxy files? I totally understand this has the potential to bloat up the project files. I also understand that you guys are hosting these project files when they are exported, so that’s a serious downer too.

It would just be nice to be able to send someone a single file with everything stacked up correctly without having to jerk around for ten minutes converting and renaming samples and making sure our directories were in perfect harmony lol…


Yeah, even if it didn’t store the project file on the Auxy servers but instead created the file in your iCloud storage or something…? It was a pain to get the sample into Auxy to begin with (it started off as a clip recorded with the “Voice Memo” app) so it’s frustrating that it’s then a pain to share it with someone else. One thing I love about Auxy is sharing stuff on this forum, but I won’t be able to share a project and say “hey check out what I did with these samples!” without also attaching a tome on how to import the samples :smiley:


Oooh ooh I have


In the drum kit Spoke. Second percussion, I believe?


This thing?

You can find it by
Make a project -> choose drums -> choose empty kit -> choose any empty cell -> choose Nu disco Dynamite-> voices


My review of Auxy 5:

Great and amazing new layout, loving the new style, already freaking out with the new sound library. This was more than worth the wait for AP-008, so I’m guessing that this is what we were REALLY waiting for!

I’m kind of a little disappointed that some of the classic traditional drum kits like “Charge” were removed, but they might be somewhere in this library of Auxy. Already I’m in love with this new update, as this is what a true DAW look like to me, especially since it’s even on mobile and free.

The new premium feature is reasonably priced, as this took almost half a year to make, I’m guessing. Long gone are the days of waiting for new AP Packs, because we all have a heck lot of stuff to keep literally all of us busy, and I’m guessing even @aUstin_Haga is gonna have a ton of fun making some good tracks.

The new favouriting feature is one of my favourites, no pun intended, as now I don’t have to swipe like crazy just to find my favourite synths and drums. Another key feature is the fact that new drum kits were added for free, and, speaking of drums, you can make custom drum kits, meaning that people are going to go crazy creating these amazing new presets.

Though I can go on rambling about the organization and new library, I do have a few suggestions.

One is that undo feature, which is pretty crucial in case you accidentally delete your sick chord layer, or you delete a loop that literally stands out in your track. An idea that you can do is when the device is shaken, a pop up menu requests if you want to redo or undo, where you can undo up to 15 actions.

Another is about the in-app purchases. I was thinking of a separate store where you can buy this new audio import or buy synth/drum kits. For those that think paying monthly is too much, you can possibly have a store where people can own packages, but it would be more expensive than what an AP-pack before would’ve been ($6.99 CDN)
I was thinking of a system where one would be able to select a certain amount of synths (Minimum 10, maximum 15) to create their own package and they would be able to purchase it.

A final suggestion is tempo bends, or what I think is what it’s called. Many songs tend to accelerate and decelerate, and I was thinking of the new possibilities of creations with just this tiny add on to Auxy, and it wouldn’t be in a single automation like you would use in an instrument, in fact it would be a separate automation menu itself , where you would be able to adjust pitches, tempos, pans and more.

Overall, I’d give this update a 9.5/10, mainly because I love this new library, but a few things like the undo feature would be necessary.

But of course, Auxy will always be my 10/10 music production app.

Way above my use of Medly :wink:


I think all devices that can run Auxy can run iOS 10 and 11, so shouldn’t be anyone excluded.