AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy


I think it’s a sample drum kit they put together


Yeah kinda pointless. You need to tweak each sample


Oh lol yeah, I just realized, you can’t tweak the whole kit!


If you click empty kit. You can pick your original drum sounds like charge and frame etc


You can’t expect the same exact automation controls to be available because there is no way for the app to know what sounds I’m using in my kit. If I import a sample there’s not gonna be a control for sub.

I do agree though that if there was some way to maintain the old kits and controls that woulda been good, I’m curious how pre v5 songs that use those automations behave since you can’t automate on a per sample basis (that I can see)

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It’s great, but I think there should really be a search system, especially for the drum instruments. I care less about who made the sounds than what the sounds actually are. Perhaps a filter option would work? (For example: you could set a filter to only pull up snare sounds, Tom sounds, etc.)

Favorties is a good start for when you’ve found sounds that you like, but a filter tool would be an extremely useful feature for finding new sounds, especially when you’re planning to add more in the future!


That feel when Auxy 5 releases when you have to go to school. ;-;

Well school just got out. Checked out a couple things (Love the drum kits!!) but I’ll fully check it out when I get home (like 20 mins). So far it’s amazing, thank you @lenberg @Fredrik :grin:

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I don’t got enough time yet dude :slight_smile: Expect one soon though.


I had made a song in Auxy 4 and finished it, also making it a bit better in Auxy 5 :smile:


:joy::joy::joy: gotchu


I have made two


I agree. Plus I feel overwhelmed by the amount of new drums

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I have the demos

When I have time I will post a link to the files for 1-6 demos

RAC Demo


I think he wanted demos for the new packs.
(I did too)


Auxy 5 Update is to Auxy Producers as The Last Jedi is to Star Wars Fans


But I liked TLJ…