AUXY 5 - Introducing the New Auxy



We’re super excited to announce that AUXY 5 is rolling out today! Without further ado, here’s what’s new:

Huge Sample Library

We’ve partnered with Black Octopus to bring you a massive library of high quality samples. There are currently eight different sound packs with over 3,000 drum, percussion and effect samples. In addition, new sounds will be added every month.

New Drum Instrument

We’re taking drums to the next level with a redesigned drum instrument:

  • Build custom kits with samples from the library
  • Start with an empty kit or one of many new presets
  • Each drum sound now has the following individual tweaks: pitch (step in semitones), tune (fine tune the pitch), reverb, length, lowpass, highpass, offset (adjust the timing of the hit), pan, volume
  • Samples with a “ramp up” before the primary hit will automatically start playing before the note to stay in sync with the beat (try the “Shifted Snares” in “Leviathan” pack to hear the magic!)

Import Your Own Samples

In addition to the new library, you can now import wav files via iCloud and use them in the new drum instrument. Check out the Sample Import FAQ to learn how it works.

New Sound Packs

We’ve added two sounds packs:

  • Boom Bass: Tuned bass drum samples to give Punch some competition
  • Destiny: New synth sounds by 7 Skies

Updated Sounds

  • All sounds now have a full set of tweaks (tone, shape, etc.)
  • All sounds now pan correctly

Redesigned Sound Browser with Favorites

You can now favorite any sound or sample for quick access in the browser. All sounds and samples now live in the cloud, which means you only have to download the sounds that are used in a project instead of entire packs.

More Instruments

You can now add up to 20 instruments in each project. We also think the new drum instrument will reduce the need to add multiple drum tracks with one sample in each.

Premium Subscription

In order to simplify our offering and put Auxy on a sustainable path forward, we’re introducing a premium subscription that will replace the option to purchase individual sound packs. (Don’t worry, your current packs will always be available regardless if you subscribe or not!)

The subscription will allow us to invest in new features and drastically expand the sound library in a way that’s affordable for all active users. It also simplifies sharing projects when everyone has access to all sounds.

What’s included in the subscription?

  • Unlimited access to all sound packs
  • Unlimited access to all samples
  • Ability to import your own samples
  • New sounds and samples that will be added monthly

How much does it cost?

  • The price for a monthly subscription is $4.99 in the US App Store
  • If you choose the yearly plan you get a 20% discount
  • All countries will the same price tier but prices will be different depending on local tax and currency

Is there a free trial?

  • All new subscribers get a 7-day free trial
  • If you’ve purchased sound packs, you’ll get an extended free trial based on the number of packs you own

Read the Subscription FAQ for more details.


You’re welcome to post feedback and questions about sounds and features in this thread!

Please use the following threads for feedback and questions about:

Looking forward to hear what you think!

Guys, its happening tomorrow!
Premium subscription feedback

AUXY5 …Very Happy and can’t wait anymore to try out the new Auxy…
Thanks Alot (Team AUXY @lenberg,@Fredrik,@MisterMaster,@official_ivo) for ur Extremely Hard Work for making Auxy more creative and productive.
Many new things are coming but i was wondering for some more
like -

  1. More FX like Phaser, Gate etc
  2. More In Depth Control over existing FX Effects like (Reverb’s DRY/WET and Room Size Control)
  3. More Color Palettes for Instruments
  4. 1/4 Bar (Must) for creating Drops and Uplifts


Where did charge, whack and dollar go, please tell me?

Where did all of the original drum kits go?

This text will be blurred


You can still build the original kits by starting with the Empty Kit and selecting samples from the original kits, and the kits used in previous projects are still there. :slight_smile:


Oh haha I was confused for a second


Cool! Please avoid ALL CAPS stuff in the future.


Thanks! Let’s focus this thread on the new features and then we can get back to what you wish for in future updates. :wink:


Sorry @lenpai, you can’t imagine how excited I am right now :exploding_head:


Well That’s a :tada: party time for us all


This is gonna be lit




Guys great job, this surpasses anything I could have imagined coming. I need to wait until lunch to have a proper play and listen but I’ve re-downloaded all my existing packs and poked around a bit, this is great. Kudos!!


Woah 3,000 sounds and new packs for only 4.99 a month? Seems almost underpriced. Can’t wait to try this!

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I didn’t want to ask on the premium subscription page since it’s more a technical question.

Imported samples: Is there a length / size limit, and how does this affect project sharing with others? (ie collabs etc)

Triple edit: You might be able to see where I’m going with this regarding sample limits :wink:


Does this cover it?


Argh yes, I’m sorry. I’m at work and multi-tasking VERY unsuccessfully lolol


Oh god… how much space are these samples going to take up on my phone…

I’m going to have to use that “swipe left” function a lot, or delete a lot of photos…


You can see how much space the downloads in each pack use in the browser. It’s not huge.


Me before the update. Let’s try to use at least one original sound per song. Me after the update. What’s an original sound?