Auxy 5.3 Update / Ableton Link bug


It’s probably best to write them down somewhere when they happen. So you can keep track of how frequently they happen.


Yeah 3k projects sounds like a lot and probably very hard for iCloud to handle. We’re investigating if we can somehow remove the need for iCloud syncs and store the projects locally instead. While at the same time keeping the backup feature and the option to sync to other devices.


Got it!


Yeah, I’ll start doing that


Thanks! That’d a big help.


make sample trimming


Could you elaborate?


I would like the ability to trim a sample so that only a part of it is played, and this part is somewhere past the start (for instance at the end).
I would also like it if you could alter pitch and speed of a sample singly instead of changing both with eachother.

[ @lenberg ]


I’ve noticed recently that my projects will duplicate them selves up to four times. anytime I work on a project, it will duplicate it. Is this by design or a bug?


lol doesn’t really sound much like a new feature to me


Yeah, I didn’t know if there was a method to it, like it would duplicate the project and save it locally to use offline or whatever but that doesn’t really make sense.


The Polls Are here, I’m leaving till February 1st till I end the Poll.

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Got it. Thanks!


Sounds like an iCloud bug. We’re reworking how this works so should be improved.


I’d preferably like a toggle button between “Create Projects From iCloud” And “Create Project From Local”


@lenberg - any update on when we’ll see a hotfix for the Link bug?

It’s a bit of a show stopper…





Auxy 5.0 Is now 1 year old! :tada::tada:

I like the new 5.3 update, where we can extend notes in a drum kit!

This is my first post since Jan 3

@lenberg i noticed a bug in auxy where the app would randomly freeze for a few seconds and i have to wait until it unfreezes before i can use it again, can you fix this bug please? thx


Sounds like an iCloud bug, which we’re working on fixing.


Any update on the Link bug?