Auxy 5.3 Update / Ableton Link bug


? As in everything else becomes quiet? Everything else becomes louder? The instrument becomes louder? The ducker plays before the trigger?


I’ll keep it in mind in the future!


yeah im with @Tolberto on that one, what do u mean by a reverse ducker?


@TheRealJFalc @icsleepers I’m with you both on this one. If there’s no testing being done, then there shouldn’t even be any beta testers.


If there’s no testing being done, then we need new beta testers.


@lenberg @Fredrik

I’m suffering from extreme lag in Auxy. Most of my new projects are going to iCloud and I’m not really able to redownload them. I have just over 3,000 projects, I think that probably has something to do with it. Just thought I’d report it.


Instead of having the volume duck, have it go up.


That’s actually kinda interesting tbh. However, The whole point of a ducker is to compress the volume down so it doesn’t muffle out the kick. A better option would be just volume automation, however I really hate doing that as I like being able to easily set my volume.

Just a side-thought here, but having a second volume slider would be perfect, so you can automate volume and still easily set a “peak” volume. Same goes for any of the other marcos.


I agree. It’s very difficult to make increasing volume along with other features, like wubs playing in the same instrument. You have to increase the wubs height manually, which is a pain


They could do something like how the drums work with them preset to 1/2 volume, so this way you can do volume automating easier


I very much agree with you. The question is, who would be the new beta tester? A lot of us are kinda busy with other things. You would most likely need to use Auxy on a daily basis to notice things are out of whack and not just a one time thing.


Does the 1/2 volume apply to the older drum kits as well?


Well, one way that programmers run beta tests is through unit testing, which is an automated form of testing that checks if everything works as it should be without unexpected results. A way to apply this is to give beta testers a list of “things to test”.


I use auxy almost every day, and I would love to be a beta tester, just throwing that out there


I figured there would be a list. But what I’m asking is, what if there are other bugs that someone would only notice if they used it longer?
What if there are only bugs when the power saving mode is on?
What if the rendering isn’t as efficient when there are more than said notes being played on an instrument or scene?


If there was a list, they would’ve noticed that Ableton Link was broken…


Honestly, me too. Especially because I’ve had a problem where the first note in bass instruments aren’t playing the first note of a scene when it transitions to another scene. It’s not that common when it happens, but it does happen from time to time.


Their they were lazy and didn’t bother testing Ableton link and said, “all good here” or they didn’t have anything other apps they used to test it with.


I’ve noticed a few bugs too, but I honestly can’t remember them all.


We haven’t made any changes to the export features so it doesn’t make any specific sense to test them, beyond having multiple beta testers using the app for a pretty long time, just for the sake of testing.