Auxy 5.3 Update / Ableton Link bug


So i just got on to see a update, I’ve had a lot of the issues they have fixed, so that’s always good, and a few new features we did know we wanted. I’m definitely going to mess with the new samples!
So what are your guys opinions on the new update?

Also here is a Poll for what you want to see in the future!

Version 5.3 Sample Lenght

Looks good. Mostly a QOL update, the new sample trig feature is something I plan on making pretty heavy use of. I’ll be putting together a video in the coming weeks reviewing sampling using Blocs wave via Ableton Link, as well as a bit from GarageBand and how the re-trig can introduce variations to loop material.


Yea, they made using samples a lot easier, which is a good step in the right direction.


Def - this kind of stuff is right up someone like @Thrashie 's ally :slight_smile:


I don’t have it yet. Anyone have a list of features?


Personally, the change in speed for dragging stuff is so much better in automations. It was an absolute slog to try and move automation points before. Huge improvement. I can’t describe how much I had needed this, it would have made a lot of things easier for me a month or so ago with a few songs.


Everyone was begging for an update so this is pretty epic


I just want to preface this post with the fact that I say these are good QoL improvements. However, in terms of the overwhelming facts that I have to go through each time I export every single error I make every single time, I strongly feel that the way Auxy is gearing itself in the future isn’t even close to being reached yet.

Before, Lenberg stated that he wants Auxy to be used in the process of making a banger track, and that the 80-20% principal would be the future goal of Auxy. I’ve debated how this is selling Auxy’s potentials short numerous times, but this is not what that’s about. For the 20% of the process, the tools we have are very lacking in features. Sure, we have export to midi and export individual parts, but they work occasionally. Just last week I had to re-render because one part of my track was completely silent and didn’t actually render, an error I had reported previously but was never addressed. Many times were suggestions such as selecting which parts to export, exporting drum samples individually by sample instead of as a whole kit, and many other things were brought up. Not to mention other much needed QoL improvements such as an ”undo button”

I love Auxy. I love it as a product. I love how it’s taking itself seriously. But what I don’t love is feeling burned by it by feeling that the suggestions that I or many others make don’t matter. That they aren’t important enough or are beyond the scope of what the developers have in mind. Which is why I suggested having a voting system for upcoming features, so maybe some interest could be gaged from the user base instead of just a small handful of testers and users.

That may not be the case for a lot of users, and I can only say this for myself, but I am personally upset and disappointed with the way I have had to interact with the developers in the last year. To get any sort of response, I had to be extremely negative and disrespectful, to only have them come in and tell me to back off after brushing it off like nothing was wrong and everything was solved. At this point, I don’t really know what I can do. I don’t see Auxy down a path of success any longer. I’ve grown tired of producing to a certain degree even, because all of these issues keep piling up and weighing me down as I try to express myself. And I don’t know what can change that anymore aside from moving on.

Maybe I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I really hope that things change soon, for the better. I can only dream that, of course.


I agree
But some things will take time to implement into auxy, especially things only recently brought up.

I too have rendering issues sometimes


hopefully we’ll get sample trimming for 5.4 :>


Can someone explain what “background audio” has to be enabled or disabled? It’s probably something straight forward that I just don’t understand the phrasing :sweat_smile:


You don’t have to turn it on. It used to be that if you wanted Auxy to keep making noise even when minimized in “the background” you had to turn on link. Now you can just turn on background audio without worrying about potentially link connected apps hijacking your tempo (tempo = 300 yay!) - it’s a nicety, not a necessity and if you don’t care about hearing Auxy in the background then don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


You can browse other apps while listening to the project playing. Kinda like spotify, or Apple Music


Been bringing up more robust sample export features since… June? For months now. Only at the most recent suggestion was I even given any attention, with basically “we could do this” instead of any actual consideration. Just calling things as I see it pretty much.


Ngl you’ve said this exact same thing about 100 times


The fact that I have to keep saying it is what really makes it worse, tbh. You’d think that after the most recent time things would have changed… but three months have gone by since then and it’s practically back to how it was before.


I mean, you don’t have to keep saying it… entirely your choice, my m8


I’m not going to lie, finding the reason behind an issue when coding is like reverse engineering, Unless you have an idea why the problem might be happening. I will say, having only 2 people operate such a huge project, is hard, and adding more will make it harder to patch stuff, thus leading to more issues. I’ve been recommending that they expand their dev team a bit. Usually a glitch in a video game gets patched in about a week, but that’s a whole team. So yea, I can understand your point, it’s hard though. I mean look at the few things they fixed over this long period of time, it seems to me they have noticed it, but not put it on their top priority, so I made a poll on what the community wants.


I think the main point I was trying to make is that my report was never actually acknowledged, which it wasn’t ever actually noticed by neither of the dev’s. I code myself. I know how hard it is to find glitches in a program, trust me it isn’t fun. I’m more talking about the lack of communication. The lack of acknowledgement. The sense that my words mean nothing when compared to everyone else’s. The fact that only a few things were actually addressed isn’t what I’m talking about. It more has to do with what was addressed. But again, these improvements were good. I just feel put down, I suppose. Might as well not bother speaking out about it, as it won’t change.


Well, we can always hope that more people experience the issue, and if more people give it attention, that would help in your case. I have also found it hard to be heard sometimes. Try getting in direct contact with @lenberg, idk if you’ve already tried that but it’s worth a shot.