Auxcasts #2 Guest star(s)

Whoa, it’s been awhile. But we’re ready for our second Auxcasts!

Time for a guest star on our podcast. Or maybe 2. We’re not sure who any of these people should be, but we’re planning on making the podcast either today or tomorrow. If you want to participate as a guest star say so below and DM me your discord username and number

Example: Mr. Serpent#5937

Alright, thanks! Hope to see you guys in our next podcast!


Sick. Messaging you ASAP.

Me, you already have my discord

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you’re part of auxcasts so you’ll be in no matter what

@IntrepidMusic should guest star


only if he wants to :relaxed:

If you can get better audio quality(no offense) I might be willing to star.



This text will be blurred

Hexx got a new mic for christmas so hopefully that’ll help. If you have a mic too then we’ll all have good quality, granted that everyone else in auxcasts has one

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Auxcast revival?


This sounds like something I’d be interested in…

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If your in it I’ll listen!

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Whos hosting?

i’m down for this :0

uhh wat

Yes, great idea

Posts are getting slow, how about a radio show?

  • reboot
  • rebrand

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