Automation tips


Hey guys, it’s Tornait :tornaitj:

I’m opening up a thread to anyone and everyone to share tips on automation. Feel free to set up tutorial projects and drop them here. Show pictures as well— anything helps. I mean, lots of people here have difficulties in automation, including myself, so why don’t we share tips and tricks? Please take the time to make some tutorial projects, because it’s very hard to try and recreate a nice bit of automation in a song that you’ve never seen before.

Hope this topic gets pretty full— this could be a huuuuuge help to lots of new and experienced users. Thanks!


Lowpass automation is the best automation



If you’re doing a drum and bass song, in the intro you gotta have that highpass on those drums


Yes. I do that always with dnb


You can create delay on drums if you have the volume fade while repeating the thing you want delay on. That way, each time it plays, it gets more and more quiet.

#6 This should be an example


I have a set of drums I made that replicated delayed drum hi hats


Tip: place a node, close your eyes and listen, move node around. Rinse and repeat.

1 bar automation loops work great for pure sound design


When working with brostep/dubstep on Auxy, use the Volume automation to completely silence a lowpassed sound right into a completely different lowpassed sound.


Stutters are very underrated. I use them a lot and they’re achieved similar to “wubs” but with 90 degree angles for all the inclines and declines.


Stutters are love and life. Great way to introduce a pseudo-gater into the mix, like Silo.

Another form of stuttering can be achieved with highpass in much the same manner, and it too introduces a distinct effect.


Reviving this thread, comeon, guys.


If you have full shape on Mental, you can do a constant low pass fade on lower octave notes to make a nice bass phaser for synthwave, darksynth especially, and hard style stuff


Volume wubs are just as good as lowpass wubs, in their own way, so try that out too


Pitch bend autos on sawtooth sounds can make a pretty sweet “electric guitar” also play with reverb and delay for some action


I’d say one thing I like to do is use automation loops for pitch. The first or last little tiny bit of a note or chord introduce a pitch curve that flows down or up a bit. I’ll put a demo of what I mean in a sec



Use panning automation for breaks and percussion! It really helps if you are worried about the listener losing interest and you don’t have a lot to introduce in that section