Automation is not following swing

Hi, I noticed when using automation on a swing track ( shuffle), the settings don’t correspond to the swing and instead sound like a straight hitting pattern. I hope that was clear

You can design your automations to have swing. I bet that’s why.

How exactly though ?

Just offset it by a little bit. idk really :joy:

Lol so yeah Its definitely a bug

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I don’t think that’s a bug I think thats just the way it is. I honestly never even considered that as a possibility.

Yeah, I at least think it should swing along with the track, it throws it off Yknow?

Maybe they should make a option for “automation to go with swing”?

i would think your automation would have to have large changes happening at 1/32 or 1/16 th notes and very frequently for it to make an audible difference. Personally I have not heard a need for it in the automation I do. But I suppose it could be useful

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Yeah absolutely

Ill show u what I’m talking about , give me a sec The end is what I’m talking about and its driving me crazy lol

Damn that’s way more detailed than I have the patience for, but you’re right. In cases like that it probably should go with the swing settings.

Yeah lol, but In glad u catch my drift