Aurora - darwinmcd [Electronic, Synthwave]

Hello fellow Auxians!

I started this last night and just couldn’t put it aside. Feedback, compliments, criticism welcome.

Also, could use some suggestions on genre refinement (not sure with this one), and if anyone is interested in remixing this track…hit me up.



Meant to listen to this earlier but I saw it during the weekend and weekends are tough to work on / listen to music.

This is great!! I love the arp, the drums come in so nicely not too much not too little. I don’t recognize any of the synth sounds haha, which is awesome.

Very thoughtfully structured, great job good sir :slight_smile:

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Thank you’ I had fun putting this together…everything just kind of fell into place. Thanks to @Morgen for the inspiration.

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A really good piece of music, especially the progressions.

I listened to it on studio monitor headphones with eyes closed/covered – to focus purely on the sound.
It didn’t feel like 5:13. When I came up for air at the end, I expected it to say 3–4 minutes or so. (I’d not checked the duration before I started. [That’s commitment for ya! :wink:

So, good work on the subtle sustaining of energy.



The chords…

The opening chords are blissfully retro. Like an early synth attempt at bowed bass or cello. Quite woody – in a really charming way, especially with the phasing.

The timbre hinted at tambura drone – which, along with some of the chord progressions, made me think of The Beatles’ ‘Within You Without You’. Kept wondering what a George Harrison vocal sample would feel like in your piece.

The progression at 0:56 was an interesting right-turn. That put a smile on my face.

The arp…

The arp that comes in around 0:15 feels (to me) like it peaks a hint too prominently/loudly. It becomes ‘the thing’, rather than adding texture. I’d consider pulling that back just a smidge – although, that may leave a hole, where something needs to go, so… pinch of salt with this comment.

Great choice of sound for the arp, btw.

Also, I think you’re playing with the panning too heavily. By pushing to left/right extremes, it felt too self-conscious and a little distracting, pulling my head out of the overall piece.
I’d consider bringing the limits in a bit, so it doesn’t stray so far out to the extremes.

The beats…

You’ve spoken before about your leaning towards 90s retro patterns, and that’s certainly what happens here, along with the choice of drum sounds.

It works, but I still can’t help wondering what it would have sounded like with a more contemporary take on the drums. (I think it would be a really interesting combo.

The kick, imo, lacks punch. The (instrument) bass felt lower than the kick. Not that the kick has to boom, but it just felt a little hollow.

The lead…

The lead that comes in at 3:18 is a ‘fitting’ melody, though maybe a little ‘safe’.
I also think the sound choice could have been shifted a bit further away from the stock Stress.

It felt like a good counter-melody to go underneath something more solo-esque, but I don’t think it really lived up to its potential as a lead.

If you keep the Stress as the lead, I’d consider layering in a subtle, brighter sound on top of it, to help pull it up into some clearer space in the mix.

Overall, I thought it was a really good piece of music. A simple composition with some interesting and enjoyable progressions.

All very satisfying.


@akabillposters Thank you so much!! I had a similar reaction when I first exported it in Auxy (surprised it was over 5 min) because it didn’t feel that long when I was putting it together. It must be the slower tempo. :wink:

Any suggestion on the genre for this track besides “Electronic”? I’m terrible with all the sub-genres.

Really appreciate the feedback!

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I feel like “synthwave” suits it pretty well for the genre. I really really like this. It’s sounds a lot like late 70’s electronic music to me. So chill! :+1::+1::+1:

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Ambient vapor A S T H E T I C music?


Thanks man! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Really appreciate you taking the time to listen and for the feedback. Synthwave works for me. :+1:t2:

Haha…OK Not sure what vapor is, but I suppose I can see ambient. And aesthetic works for me too. :wink:

no problem

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Vapor, like vapor wave-ish

It’s like the 80’s took a acid trip to the future and elavator music had a baby with Windows 98

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Haha…OK, got it. :joy::joy:

Thanks! (I think)


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Hi Darren,
This track is incredible! So nice to listen to and relaxing! Made me smile and feel good.
The bass that appears at 1:25 is great, deep and growling…good job. Percussion beginning from 2:03 is sharp and juicy :slight_smile:
You add new elements every twenty or so seconds, but there is always arpeggio waving between headphones. And the background sound is quite interesting, although it vanishes for a fraction of second at 0:51, then at 0:56, or at 1:19 etc. It would be perfect if the sound went on and on without such pauses.
All in all, I love the track :slight_smile: I liked it and reposted on Soundcloud.
I played it to my wife and she told she liked it too :slight_smile:
Take care,

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Wow! Thank you Tomasz! Really appreciate you taking the time to listen, provide feedback (and for sharing with your wife :wink:), and for the re-post. It means a lot coming from you and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

The split-second vanishing of the background chords was a challenge. It was happening every time the chord changed and I think it has something to do with the automation I used when I was struggling to compensate for the abrupt sounding chord changes (I ended up doing a slight fade-in in the first note - see screenshot below). I really wanted it to flow from chord to chord more seemlessly (as I’ve heard in others songs) but couldn’t figure it out at the time and thought easing into the chord may help, but perhaps it’s more noticeable in the first part of the song before the other instruments layer in. Oh well.

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Maybe you could replace abrupt chord changes with fading-out old ones with fading-in subsequent? Or you could overlap chords a little with simultaneous volume automation in two separate loops of the same instrument so that you have pads that fade-out and fade-in slowly as in “Blade runner”. Just a thought to consider :slight_smile:

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