AstroFisiks [Collab]

So yeah, I have a cool song set up, but I’m really lost on how to continue it. If there is anyone out there good at drops, here his the cool song:


I’m remixing this!!
I mean, unless you object.

Here’s a bit of it… it’s a WIP for sure.

Here’s a different take on it.

Just saying, I’m not that good at collabs.

@HXGN do you have a soundcloud?

Yes, I do:

Awesome! I followed you back!

Yeah I saw! :slight_smile:

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I tried making a remix. Still a WIP

I’m great at making drops! One sec.

Here you go @HXGN

Sh*t goes hard fam. Noice. Personally, I’d prefer it at 140bpm &a make it dubstep, but that’s just me

I prefer in the 120-150 range but more so in 128 bpm (2 beats per second)