"Asleep" Infringement Solved (Update: For the most part :/ )

Hi Auxy peoples,

Many of you may remember from a few months ago there was a large thread concerning this Spotify account that had amassed a large amount of plays on stolen tracks through Spotify editorial playlists.

Well, I recently contacted him through distrokid (his distributor) and he seems to be refunding his earnings on the stolen tracks. (Although, I think he was trying to give me the money from all of his earnings. I will only be collecting those from my own track). He was very apologetic, and among other things hoped to get into his own music creation at some point soon.

Just thought you all deserved to know!

He seemed pretty shaken up so if you’re still filing claims, I implore you to be respectful to him. He’s gotten the point already)


Super glad to hear that this was resolved and that he seems genuinely apologetic. It’s a hard lesson learned, but I’m glad everything is as it needs to be.


Glad to see it.

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Yay! But if he’s really apologetic, why do you think he stole the songs in the first place?


He thought he had changed it enough, probably didn’t know it was copyrighted, etc.


Well, this is fun. Recently got CC’d on another email from DistroKid concerning Asleep, and it said that the earnings on all of his account’s music are frozen due to “Suspicious streaming activity”. Pretty sure this means they think he paid for plays, which I think they’re getting confused with because of how he blew up on Spotify alone. I’m almost certain that it’s simply because of the success he found within the platform’s editorial playlists and subsequently their algorithms, but the representative of the distributor requested I not reach out until it’s resolved, which he says could take months. Yippee.



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This is a damn journey