As Above, So Below EP - GØN [Acid Techno]

So I’ve been working on this EP like an autist for the past few months, and I think it’s finally done … It’s my first musical release ever … So much work for just three tracks but I like them and I hope you will like them too !

Anyway here you go:

Feedback most welcome !

Also I’d really like to thank the creators of Auxy, because it’s with this app that I discovered I could make music, I tried many times with other apps / instruments before but never got anywhere … also big thanks to this community, I learned many things while lurking.


Not really my genre, but the acid tag pricked my ears.
I think Sigil came together best. Hints of early Underworld. :+1:

I’d recommend switching your main genre tag to ‘acid’ or ‘acid techno’, rather than the more generic Dance & EDM. Imo, you might get a slight bump from better algo targeting.

I think you’ll get more traction from an Acid Techno audience, than people seeking ‘Dance & EDM’, which likely leans more towards sounds like Steve Aoki, etc….

I’d put ‘edm’ in the secondary tags. As well as ‘Dance & EDM’, just to cover those bases.
‘hard dance’ might be another one to add.
I think you could probably justify adding ‘industrial’ as a genre tag too, as I think there might be enough in your tracks to appeal to (the lighter end of) that audience.

Obviously, it’s early days on your SC account, but it’s worth understanding how to tune your genre tags to maximise the chances of the algo recommending your music to the most receptive audience.


Last thought…

Set up an EP playlist in your SC account to bring all three tracks together properly.

Thanks for the excellent tips ! Funnily I did not make the connection with Underworld, although I was such a big fan when I was a kid ^^ I have a hard time pinning down the genre … so many influences …

This is some pretty cool stuff! Acid techno isn’t a genre that I really listen to, so I find it pretty interesting. I especially like ‘Sigil’, especially all of the melodic layers in the track. Great work!

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