[Artist TBC] - Under Your Sky (WIP, Funky House?)

A catchy, groovy, funky little something that I started playing with today and which quickly took shape.

Still just a first draft. Will probably complete it, possibly with vocals, and maybe release under a new (4th) name.


Draft 2

Any / all thoughts, feedback, etc… welcome.

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Good melodies and synths. Although I think you may want to ease it a bit on the toms in your beat. You may want to make the kicks a little more louder so you can hear it, and so it doesn’t sound too messy. Sometimes staying simple with the drums can bring a good change, along with a few transitions. Good job on the melodic side, though. I liked that intro

FINALLY stole a minute to get a listen on this. Immediately, yes this is different from your other stuff so I can see why you would pack this under a different name potentially.

Yes, very funky, YES to that lead at ~1:45. Either a male or female vocal would work here, but I think a male vocal would fit better.

I think the toms fit well, you give it a 70’s vibe with that, early 80’s maybe. Now I wanna listen to Phil Collins for some reason…

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The melody is fantastic, really like the change as the drums come in. I like how around 2 minute mark the original melody comes back as at the point I was really missing it. And the build on the melodies between verses is quite fantastic. Great job man, so glad to be back in the community again. Missed all you all.

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Draft 2

Thanks for the feedback, folks.

And additional thanks for @Bassment_Chemists for the gushing praise.
Very flattered. Thanks.

This track was (so far) put together quickly, and I’m not entirely sure there’s something there worth developing to release level, but I’ll continue to tinker with it and see where it goes.

Re: Toms.

I’m generally ok with the toms. I think they add nicely to the rhythm groove.
(I’ve actually added a retro syndrum-type fill in the V3 draft. Needs work and not sure it’ll stay, but wanted to try it. Currently sits somewhere between '80s synth-pop and the Eastenders theme music :wink: )

Re: Different artist name

I can see why you would pack this under a different name potentially

Fits neatly next to this recent (WIP) track, another funky-house/disco number.

Currently in-dev under the Clavin name, but will likely also be moved to the a name.

Maybe they’ll be the initial double-single release. :slight_smile:

Re: Melodies


Thanks for that. Appreciated.

Glad they seem to be well received.
They’re more overtly, intentionally ‘pop-oriented’ than usual – though that’s just how they developed. Wasn’t intending this to be a very commercially-oriented piece.

I was enjoying the groove I’d created, was singing along and that’s where that lead hook came from. :+1:

(Lead melodies are ‘a thing’ for me, so it’s fun to let loose and be more ‘hooky’.
I think lead melodies are very under-discussed here.)


@iammane YES to that lead at ~1:45. Either a male or female vocal would work here…

Indeed. That would either be replaced with a vocal or be knocked back a bit to sit underneath the vocal lead - using that same melody. That hook has definitely got a ‘singalong’-ableness to it.

If I layer a vocal on top of that melody, it would also create more distinction between that main ‘chorus’ and the post-chorus groove that comes in afterwards (which won’t have vocal).

(I’m not sure whether to go male or female. I typically lean towards a female vocal. Perhaps I’ll benchmark some reference tracks to see what might work best.)

I’ve used the new Fuse sound to replicate funky guitar licks (e.g. @1:07).
It works surprisingly well.

I think most of the main parts are there.
It needs some detailing, some incidental under-melodies and fills, etc…

Thanks again for the input. :+1: :slight_smile: