Article: Should I Release A Single, EP, Mixtape Or Album First? A Launch Plan


Good quick read, thanks for this. Have something in the works and was thinking about what would be best, this gave me some ideas

It’s worth noting that opinions vary, especially it seems about the value of EPs and albums.

I was watching a vid in which a guy was talking down the EP as a format.
(He seems to equate putting your music on Spotify as giving it away for free.)

I don’t actually agree with his thinking or his conclusion. I think he’s simply failed to understand the value or their potential role in the scheme of things – and failed to understand how Spotify works.

To my thinking, the value of an EP is that you can drop a small range of tracks early on to both establish a consistent ‘sound’ in the mind of the listener, but also to increase your chances of one of the tracks resonating with the listener, while you have their attention — hooking them into your audience.

If they stumble on you via a track in a playlist, then you have a selection of current tracks for them to then go and check out.

Conversely, if you release just a single, and you don’t land that listener on their first listen, then that might well be your one chance spent. They might never stumble on you again.


Even so, he still produced a vid series about releasing EPs, though I’ve not checked it out yet.

(Incidentally, he’s in the rock genre, but presumably there’s enough general info to be useful to electronic music producers.)

I’m torn-

I see the value in releasing standalone and rapidly. But for something of more a “concept,” or theme related, I see the value in something like an album or EP.

The landscape has changed very much in even the last twenty years it feels like. The album/EP still holds weight (to me at least), but everything feels so disposable it seems like a steady release of singles might be better.

Maybe there’s not really a right answer. I think I’m just thinking out loud now…

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That’s the thing that concerns me.

From the reading I’ve been doing in recent weeks, I’d say it’s better to release regularly, though not frequently/rapidly. A steady trickle of releases.
The key would be to put proper effort into promoting each release to give each one a longer shelf-life and better chance of getting the kind of traction that can start to build and sustain growth.

I still plan to analyse the release patterns of artists/bands that I admire (within similar genres) to glean whatever I can from their lead.

If I give it a good shot, but the best I can achieve means that I have to release something new every 7-14 days just to stay in the minds of an audience, then, tbh, I’ll probably ditch the idea that this will ever be more than a hobby.

Yeah shoot, I mistyped I meant regularly. And everyone is going to have a different “regular”, which is cool. I’ve noticed that when I’ve posted stuff every two weeks or so there’s constant activity on the whole catalog. I used to just upload a full album or EP or whatever at a time, and people would listen and then that’d be it.

I’m worried that by releasing regularly though there’s not a way to tie songs together thematically. But then, is that really important anymore? I don’t know :frowning:

I think it’ll matter to those who go from simply being listeners to being fans - which is ideally the kind of more dedicate and artistically invested listeners we’re all hoping to attract.

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I’ve been looking at this thread, and as I’m concerned, it’s a godsend. I have been wanting to release an EP for a long time now, and now I have better understanding of what an EP is and how it works. Thank you for the post, OP!