Are Repost Trades fair?

I prefer not to do repost trades because I feel like you’re only reposting my music so that I’ll repost yours and you’ll get more views and potentially likes. I want someone to repost my music because they like it not because there’s something in it for them. Sure I might feel greatful enough to go through your songs and repost one that I like (but if I just don’t find any appealing to my ears I won’t)
Anyway I’m just interested In what others think about this, share your thoughts.

Btw: no hate to people that do do this.

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I do it just because it is a way to introduce others in the same genre to songs they would have never heard otherwise and they may like my music.

I see it as just another form of payed placement.

I think it’s a fine line between spam and adding value for your audience.
I’d approach each offer on a case-by-case basis.