ARC: Auxy Repost Chain

Hello everyone! I have something pretty special that I am excited to share with you today, and I hope you hear me out. Yesterday I started up a repost chain on… it allows for us to connect accounts for reposts and likes. Simply put it is a tool for all of us, that replies on each other, not just one sole reposter. With the developers cutting back with their reposts, I feel this tool is a good way for us to branch out, and really focus on helping each other out… and yes… it provides a lot of promotion. Heres how it works.

With SoundCloud Planner, artists link their account to the Planner, then proceed with the 3 step application process at #network-application in the discord server . Once their SoundCloud is linked, they will have full access to the track Repost and like resource. To promote a track, place the SoundCloud link in #track-submit . Depending on the amount of tracks submitted, the primary chain account [] will Repost the tracks submitted to the chain, all linked members will then automatically copy the primary account, resulting in each chain member reposting and liking the submitted tracks. Each reposted track only stays reposted for 72 hours, after that the track will be automatically unposted to save clutter on every members SoundCloud page. The likes, and plays will remain the same.

Urgent! Please note Linking your account to ARC will allow the primary account to repost and like tracks from your account. However the primary account can not access anything else on your account. Linking your account does not share any account, or personal information, even to owners and staff members. Your information is completely confidential and only known by yourself. If a Track you dislike is reposted on your SoundCloud account, you are not obligated to keep it there and reserve every right to un-Repost it from your account.

This chain and server was only started yesterday (Wednesday April 13th) afternoon… and we are already up to 18 members, and 3.3k followers! Please… we ask that you consider joining us… the more members we can obtain the farther reach your own tracks can reach, providing you with tons of reposts, plays, and likes… which can really help you get out there. This is free to anyone who is on soundcloud. And we would love to have you join us.




Yes this place is totally lit I recently got over 20 reposts at once on one of my songs! Absolutely insane you guys gotta try it


Thanks a bunch for your support dude!

We are now actually almost to 50 members with a 10k follower base, so your next track will get nearly 50 likes, reposts, and plays! Appreciate you


Join the cult and perform the ritual to convert yourselves into Chain Members. For a bonus, you’ll receive nothing.


I actually really love this. At a certain schedule after you submit your track, you get crazy amount of reposts and likes. And you can flex it to your friends and show them how much of a god you are. Guaranteed! But it’s not always all about that, it can also potentially expand your audience and reach.


Talk about expanding your reach! We have over 10k followers that your music will be promoted to, and we’re expanding every day.


I do quite like the Ambient Rock Collective.