Apple Music For Artists Beta - What Does it Give You?

Apple Music just released their new beta platform for artists on iTunes! I reserved my spot in the beta a month ago and I recently got an email giving me admin access to my SanaB profile.

You can check it out here:

I’m pretty sure you can still get a spot if I’m correct. You’ll need these things:

  • an iTunes artist profile
  • a phone number
  • an email address
  • an Apple ID

When you sign up, they’ll ask you first for your Apple ID. From there, you’ll need to fill out a form asking for your name, email address, phone number, etc. Important note: When they ask for your label or distribution contact: do not put Amuse (or whatever service you use). This is because a) Amuse says not to in a help article, b) some of the contact info they ask for will not be available on the Amuse site. So, instead, just re-enter your personal info in that slot as Amuse directs.

You’ll then immediately get an email confirming your request. It took me a month after to get another email confirming full access, but that was only because the beta hadn’t released just yet. Now, it has, so the wait time may vary. However, I don’t know for sure so it’ll be helpful if some people here can try that out for us.

Once you get admin access, you’ll get a lot of perks. No, you cannot change your artist profile photo… But you can view detailed stats for your songs on iTunes, similar to the Spotify for Artists dashboard.

(The thing I scribbled out in the upper right corner is my full name).

But here’s my absolute favorite thing: the ability to create Connect posts for your iTunes followers, which is something that a lot of professional artists do on iTunes.

This feature is, as far as I know, only available to artists who have Apple Music and used the same Apple ID for Apple Music as the one they used to sign up for this beta.

If the above applies to you, when you open Apple Music on your mobile device and click the “For You” tab, you’ll be able to find a a button in the upper right corner next to your non-artist profile icon (in the following photo, the flower) that looks like a pencil on paper.

Once you click on that, it prompts up an empty post you can fill out with anything you’d like to show to your iTunes followers. (I don’t have many followers on iTunes anyways but idc lol.)

You can include images, and text (of course). You can also decide whether you want the post to appear as if coming from your full name or artist name.

Once you’ve published your post, it’ll come up in your For You feed as well as the feed of your followers.

Awesome, right?

Along with this, you can also add playlists to your profile. If you go to the Library tab, you’ll find a folder that says “Admin” on the top.

If I open that tab, tap on my artist name, and click “new playlist,” I get the option to create a playlist that can showcase my latest music or someone else’s latest music. It also allows you to choose the cover art and choose whether or not you want it to display on your public artist profile.

If you have an Apple Music account, you’ll know that you can already create your own playlists. However, this allows you to make playlists that can be found on your public Artist profile. That’s pretty sweet!

These are all the perks I’ve noticed that come with getting artist access on iTunes. I hope this helped y’all decide if you want to do it or not! :slight_smile:

P.S., if you guys are interested in getting your pfp in iTunes, at the moment Apple and Amuse don’t do it, as I was told in a support email. Amuse is looking into releasing the feature soon, but for now, you cannot unless you have released with another distribution service (repost network, etc.) I have, with the label Frontier, so I have contacted them about that and my photo is getting in iTunes soon. So if you use a different distribution service even for just one of your songs, you should probably email their support about this!


Great post. Thanks for this.

I’m still pending, but hopefully it comes through soon.


Np, my fingers are tired lol.

Okay, let us know when you have it! :slight_smile:


I just added my second artist name (aka Clavin), but this time I quickly created a Twitter acct and linked it to the Apple Music for Artists application.

There are no Tweets from that account yet, but it will be interesting to see if it helps speed things up.
(Been pending on the Heathen AKA application since march 31st.)

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Ah, that may help. I think I added my SC, Spotify, and iTunes profiles. I wanted to add my Twitter profile, but Twitter has locked me out of it for “suspicious behavior” when I hadn’t even tweeted anything. I just added my profile pic lol.

Bugger! I raced through it so quickly I didn’t even notice that SC and Spotify were options.

(It auto-detected both accounts from iTunes/Apple Music, as part of the ‘Is this you?’ confirmation checks, so I’d assume it’s aware of the iTunes/Apple Music presence.)

D’oh! Oh, well.

Funny timing.

Heathen AKA just cleared.

Huzzah! :wink:


Awesome guide on this, I’m going through it right now. Appreciate all the screenshots too, this is incredibly helpful!

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i just want to fix my profile photo why is this feature not added yet smh



(I’d also expect that to be part of any first offering, but I guess…)

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This is an email I got from Amuse when asking how to get my profile pic on iTunes:

And they’ve got it wrong. iTunes can’t do it for you, and I know that bc I asked Apple.

So yeah atm Apple and Amuse can’t do it. I’d recommend releasing a track on Repost Network (it requires you having a track with over 7k plays though, I think) or with a label that does it for you (Melo, Frontier), no 7k needed. I released with Frontier so my profile pic should be in stores today since I asked 5 days ago. @Produk @akabillposters

Awesome guide on this confusing and frustrating topic! Ima try to reapply with a few more links and maybe it’ll speed something up. The problem is, I don’t subscribe to Apple Music, so I probably won’t have much access anyway :confused:

Wow their site for connect has changed a lot since the last time I requested! I just added my SC , Spotify, Twitter, and Facebook links for them. Hope this works.

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Just this morning it went through, so it took about 21 days for me. No plays, no radio spins, no downloads lol. Oh well :smiley: looks pretty comprehensive though, @anon73773654 thanks again for the write up this was very, very helpful

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Quick note - you can apparently load your own PFP now.

I just tried it, it’s under review. We’ll see how it goes. It has to be a jpg or png AT LEAST 2400x2400px

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yess! doing this immediately.

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i’ll ping some people who’ve expressed interest in this: @Produk @akabillposters

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Thanks for the ping – and thanks @iammane for the heads up.

Both appreciated. :+1:

Trying this out thanks for letting us know. Not sure what to put for lable distribution stuff though (as in company name n stuff)

My pfp already got denied lol… at least the turnaround was quick. In all fairness, I do t have a high res enough picture so I’m gonna need to figure it out haha

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