AoM - Azure Onyxscore [D&B, VIP, WIP]

Progress 1

Another person spotted has been declared as an enemy of mine. It’s not from this community, but from somewhere else.


Nice. But if you’re still making tracks with Auxy how are you a “former” member? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I Iove the intro and bass line so much! But I feel as if you have posted this before? Also I don’t feel like this track should of been dnb. It has a lot of potential to be a progressive trance track or something else. But the dnb didn’t really suit it

Yet another awesome song! I’ve been loving your style!

I really enjoyed this one.

I thought the rhythm section was spot on.
Good drum programming and forward momentum in the bass.
Proper future-funk.

I wasn’t quite sold on the synth/piano parts.
It felt like they were fighting for space in the mix.

All in all, a very solid effort that could be a real winner with a little more love.


I’ve chose Drum and Bass because of the growling energy one can have when they’re with an enemy. Making this a Trance track would be the same as suppressing your emotions, and that isn’t good for you.

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Thanks for the feedback. This was an old project of mine that really needed a makover

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Well that’s fair enoigh. Emotion is a great key for music