Anyone with SoundCloud Premier?

SoundCloud told me that I’m apparently eligible for Premier, but there’s a few things I’m wondering about. I have to pay for SC Pro Unlimited (a whole $16/month) and then I can be monetized, but will I make enough money from plays to even pay for the SC Pro plan? I’d love to be able to make money from my music (I’m not doing it for money but I want to be able to afford Auxy Premium and my phone plan better), but I don’t know if this would make me any money at all. I also don’t like SC ads and I’m guessing most people don’t either. Does anyone monetize their tracks on SoundCloud? What should I know before I consider this more?


For starters, you have to sign a tax eligibility form or whatever, which requires you, by U.S law, to be 18 or over. (I know that there’s a large amount of minors on this forum and on this app so just wanted to throw that out there before they get too excited lol)

Additionally, It’s probably only the standard SC Pro that’s required, not Pro unlimited. They just push unlimited really hard onto you. Standard SC Pro is not as expensive, maybe a dollar or two over the Auxy subscription price.

Payout-per-stream fluctuates over time, but it really depends on how many streams you get to determine if it’s worth it.

Also, don’t worry about ads. If you really want money through this, an ad or two for other people every once in a while is a minuscule price to pay to help fund you.


Thanks so much! Although I’m a minor, I could and would have my parents help me with this if I decide to monetize my tracks. I don’t think standard SC Pro still exists for new users unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere on the website.


If you’re already thinking of purchasing a paid plan then there’s no harm in getting your parents (or another guardian over the age of 18) to assist you with the minimal legal work that premier brings about. Ordinarily I would not suggest purchasing a plan for the sole purpose of monetizing your SoundCloud tracks (as it would be extremely difficult to generate enough revenue from SoundCloud alone to pay off your pro plan) however due to SoundCloud’s update that they pushed today there are a couple new things to consider:

Effective December 9th 2019:

  • If you have more than 15 tracks uploaded, your uploading ability will be suspended (with a free plan)
  • Alternatively, if you have more than 120 minutes of content uploaded, your uploading ability will be suspended (with a free plan)

These limitations are of course removed with the purchase of a pro / pro unlimited plan. Which brings up the next technicality…

The SoundCloud Pro plan has been discontinued.

There’s a workaround which allows you to purchase a standard Pro plan for “someone else” (which would allow you to purchase it for yourself using a second account), however it’s likely not an intentional feature and will probably be removed in a coming update.

So this is less a case on premier itself but how invested you are in SoundCloud as a platform. In the case of your account I believe you have over 120 minutes / 15 tracks uploaded meaning you would lose your ability to upload on December 9th unless you upgraded your plan. It’s an interesting dilemma because SoundCloud really is a unique streaming platform in that it has a (relatively) prominent community aspect to it, so the real question is whether or not the $8 / month is worth it to you to continue to develop your fanbase and grow as an artist through that avenue. And if it is, you’ll get premier monetization as a nice side benefit.


So what’s going to happen to current soundcloud pro (limited) subscribers?

nothing really. pro users have already had higher quality audio since last year so this change only affects those on the free platform

Nothing, unless you downgrade to a free plan after the 9th (in which case all tracks not included in the free plan will be hidden).

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So I won’t be able to upload tracks anymore? I’m sorry but that’s BS on SoundCloud’s part.

There is almost no way I can afford a Pro plan right now, and I’d really hat to stop uploading to SoundCloud, where I get the most plays. I guess I will finish my current project up quick and then figure out what to do from there, but this really sucks.


you’re not the only one thats for sure

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I know, I’m also thinking about the dozens of Auxy producers that might not ever upload to SoundCloud again


We should all be considering Bandcamp more. I use it and it’s super underutilized from what I’ve seen. Only diehard music folk look there but if SoundCloud is going to go through with this update then Bandcamp might have a spike and there are a lot of pros to Bandcamp that SoundCloud just can’t match.


Or even Audius. Yeah, it’s pretty new but I know a few producer buddies who’ve moved there; I’m considering the same.

It’s honestly a fricking miracle how SC isn’t dead yet, what with all the stuff they pull on their users (and that isn’t mentioning the takedowns they do of songs on the very users that made and uploaded said song, saying it has a copyright on that song.)


Or how bad their mobile presence is, they should consider that most people listen to music on their phones and make an app that doesn’t suck

The app is way better than it used to be as of the last couple updates but yeah I’d like it to be more listener centered, with dedicated shuffle, queue, and repeat functions. I also wish they didn’t have a 500 track limit on playlists.


Some news that might be interesting to you all regarding the upload limit:


Man this thread just scared me… I was thinking for a second, “welp, time to not upload anymore…”. Great news from Arimyth!

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