Anyone want to produce someone else's track? (Not remix, collab or ghost producing)


Tempted to delete all replies and start this thread again. :wink:

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Hi there, I think I understand what you’re saying. I feel like I’m more of a composer than a producer, I write constantly but can’t seem to turn my songs in finished products. That’s why I haven’t released anything besides some of the BTC challenges.
Thought about maybe teaming up with someone who could produce and mix my songs as I envision them to be, but it’s hard for me to give away control. So the best thing for me to do is, keep working on my skills , make the songs the best I can and eventually just start releasing stuff or else I won’t be going anywhere with my music. Hopefully people will like what I’m doing and want to collaborate with me on a producer/writer basis. Me being the writer and the other as a producer, or even co-writer. Or maybe even partnering as a duo called W7SEGUYS instead of one W7SEGUY :wink:


Yep, pretty much got it.

I think my mistake was that I wasn’t aware just how much the genre of EDM is the default mindset here, so I perhaps walked into it a bit of a minefield.
That said, even in EDM, I think there are enough big name artist/producers who have also produced/co-produced tracks for artists from other genres, that the point would be understood.

There are a good number of members here with a strong talent for interesting production (as distinct from engineering and distinct from the writing itself). And, rather than try to build up my own creative and production skills to that level, I would rather focus my attention on the the concept, writing, composition, hooks, etc… — and then work with people like that to add that final layer of production ideas/detailing that I think would finish a track.

At least, that’s an arrangement that appeals to me at this time. (That might change. Dunno.)

When I made the original post, I thought there might be some here who would be interested in trying something like the writer/producer arrangement you mention.

Had this thread not been so quickly and badly derailed and, pretty much gone to sh*t, I think there could have been a few good discussions about possible writer/producer arrangements.

Perhaps I’ll try again another time.





Well I’m glad to know there’s at least one like-minded person here as I totally was not (am becoming) familiar with EDM music and artists.
Maybe because of my age (38) but mostly because I like soul, r&b, jazz, funk, pop and some classic hip hop. In fact, as I am becoming more skilled with the app the music tends to come out in the genres I mentioned, except for funk. And I do make EDM-ish sounding stuff, it just comes more easily with this app.

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Nice mention of MJ/QJ/Thriller as MJ is my main musical inspiration. Their collaboration is historical and a perfect example of how a producer can complement an artist and their artistic vision. :+1:t4::+1:t4:

GOT IT!! Thanks for the tip-off. You saved me there :joy:

I hear you.

It’s probably the fact that I’m so evidently not in the EDM camp/mindset - and this place is - that wires became crossed.

I’m also towards the upper of the age range here + my preferred genres don’t really include EDM (at least, not for many years) and tbh, I don’t generally have a particular high opinion of EDM as a genre. (No disrespect to anyone here. It’s probably just a generational thing. :wink:
Although, I grew up being a big listener of IDM (Aphex/AFX, Black Dog, BoC, …) which pushed the boundaries a bit more than the mainstream electronics music.

That said, my own tastes are still quite varied (my listening tastes are far wider than my interests as a music maker), and that’s probably clear from the stuff I’ve been making.

It’s all pretty synth-inflected.

One part of it is the sort of minimalist drone+melody that comes out of the modular synth scene, possibly adding a hip-hop layer on top via beats.

Plus there’s the synth + jazzy licks side of things.

I hope/plan to bring those things together into something that can potentially become a signature sound. Or maybe keep them as separate streams of work and develop each under a different ‘name’.

There’s the electro-pop - a recent addition, though an interest for a while. That gives me the opportunity to play with and create something in a formal song structure, which I’ve found enjoyable and satisfying.
(This is the stuff I was thinking of when I started this thread.)

And then there’s the ‘sketches’, where pretty much anything goes. (Although I do dub most unfinished things as sketches too.) A recent one was pseudo-classical meets retro synth (prog?). And I’m not sure what you’d call this one.

Maybe those ideas and sounds will find their way into the more defined tracks I produce - or maybe there’ll always be those curious outliers in my output.

I love music and my tastes are quite eclectic. The only way I’m ever likely to produce music in a single genre is if I take all the styles I love and feel creatively engaged with, mash them up together and create a new genre. :wink:

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Yeah… this topic kinda went off track! I think looking for a producer in the original sense can be done. Personally I would suggest it’s not really necessary though. Typically a producer will influence sounds used, the way things are mixed and mic’ed… thing is auxy already does a lot of this. We already have the polished sounds ready to go! It’s an interesting way to look at how auxy production compares and differs from tradish DAW productions :wink:

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Sort of, but some of what you mention is also covered by the engineering (a different role), although the producer will have creative input on that.

I’m talking about something that does impact on composition, but in a subtle way. Producers contribute in those ways too.

As my OP said…

So, it’s not really a ‘sounds’ thing, that I’m talking about, per se. It a ‘sound’ thing. Think in terms of how (e.g.) Chvrches ‘sound’ compared to another synth-pop artist such as Purity Ring, Washed Out or RAC. It’s the character of a track, I’m talking about.

Yes, Auxy does a fair amount of hand-holding, but with such a limited audio palette (yes, it is limited if your interests extend beyond EDM), then it’s actually doing a lot to limit or even dictate the ‘sound’ of makers who use it.
(This will hopefully be less of an issue given the plans for the app.)

I’ve been trying to distill what I was getting at – and I think compositional transitions (fills) and fx are a good, specific example of where I feel my own music could benefit from input from others.

Compositional transitions and fx are important for pacing and creating energy and interest.
I’m ham-fistedly tried to clarify those things in my OP…

Tweak here, add FX there, chop up the beat here… a high-pass sweep there… run that whole section through a low-pass filter… add a strange sound to the intro

An example within my own music/production is at the 2:50 mark of Learning to Breathe, where, returning to the chorus directly after the bridge, I drop out almost all instrumentation for the middle of a bar, make space for a single sub-bass beat, and then slam it all back in again, near the end of the bar.

Now, had the music been composed in a more traditional way, that drop-out and return wouldn’t have been part of the original composition or possibly even the demo. It’s the kind of element that gets introduced when the song is written and the track largely composed and made, but an additional layer of production attention is added.

I’m not strong on details like that. So much so, that I honestly felt a sense of achievement simply on thinking of that ‘production moment’ in Learning to Breathe. :wink:

For some others here, those kinds of touches are second-nature. (It’s actually one area where EDM is more advanced than other genres. Possibly because millennial EDM fans have such short attention spans.) :wink: :wink:

Their tracks are filled with those detailed transitions. (Examples like Skrillex-style DubStep take that to extremes, where seemingly no two bars are ever the same, due to the deluge of musical fx.)

I’m talking about potentially working with other producers to introduce just a touch of that. Just to the point where they don’t overwhelm or even redefine the track, but they do contribute to making the track feel more characterful, energised, interesting and to my mind – complete.

It may be that this is the wrong place to ask about it, as Auxy isn’t really a tool aimed at that level or type of production ‘finish’.

Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree, because even adding the kind of details I’m talking about in Auxy (or as closely as Auxy can get), it may be that this will simply be making a more convincing ‘demo’ version (imo), that will still need to be partly rebuilt and finished outside of Auxy.

Well, I hope you will find that sound or style that you’re looking for. In the meanwhile just enjoy the process in your musical journey. I know I do, no matter if anyone else doesn’t like the outcome. I’m having the time of my life and get excited with anything decent that comes out of every session/project, because a year ago I wouldn’t have dared to dream I can make music.