Anyone use Ableton Live?

Yo does anyone use Ableton Live? I’m considering purchasing a standard or suite license. Thoughts?

If you’ve never used it before, try a demo first. If you need a midi controller a lot of times it gets bundled with Live Lite and other products (it was crazy, I bought a Nanokey Studio and I got some Korg VST pack I never bothered with, a Live Lite license and Reason Adapted).

The best part is, the lite versions of stuff are usually upgrade-able with an upgrade license. You don’t really save any money, well, maybe a little, but it’s a good way to whet the appetite on a new software and if you like it then go all in.

Just my two pence.


I use it - I’m currently using Standard. I would recommend two things - try a demo first, see if you like it, dont go straight to suite. I started with lite (it came with my launchpad pro), then I got an upgrade to standard from my dad as a gift. I’ve been fine with standard. I wouldn’t really recommend suite unless you’re really good with ableton and would really benefit from it. It is basically the same as standard (which is very diverse), just small upgrades. You should be fine with standard.
Second - have some VSTs and plugins. Without them, there’s not much you can do. There are tons out there for free, or you can buy/rent them. is a great place to find stuff and see what people say about it. I personally use Serum for most of my stuff as it is super versatile, but you emphasized text can’t do everything. Each plugin has something it’s good at, so it really depends on what your style is and what you’d like to do with your sound.

So I know that I kinda went on and on there, but basically - start with a demo first, don’t go straight to suite. Suite is pretty much just Standard, which is already very good, but with some extra stuff. Have plugins and vsts, is a good source.

Hope I could help!

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Unless something has changed, when I tried Ableton the piano roll was terrible. So if you’re expecting to compose there as you do in Auxy, I’d try a demo first.


Lol. I love using Auxy but I stared gaining interest in Live and would like try it as well as using Auxy for its instruments.

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Agree I could hardly use it and didn’t like the preset sounds either. Better for making your own.

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I’ve tried the Demo man, honestly I found the whole thing messy and confusing. But part of that could be down to the fact that I didn’t know how the hell to use it :joy: I know a lot of big producers use Ableton so I would imagine if you got savvy at using the program then it could potentially be a great platform for writing music.


splice has good rent to own, thats how i have serum.
I also use FL.
"haha ableton is better"
as long as the thing makes music its fine


Yea I do, I recommend it for sure, it’s the best DAW I’ve used besides Auxy of course

Start with intro

Trust me. Upgrades are better than flat out buying

You can get intro for 75 ish on sweet water rn, which is very affordable for a DAW. And you get a free upgrade to live 10. If you want it, now is literally the best time to purchase it.

I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but there were a number of apps (TriqTraq was one) that included a licence for Ableton Live Lite. An upgrade from Lite to Intro is about $20-$30 from memory…

I’ve heard that Ableton live lite is in most midi controller products but an upgrade to live intro would not allow me to receive Ableton Live 10. I was thinking of purchasing the midi controller to test the software and see if I like to move forward with it more. I intend on purchasing the license from Ableton so i can get the free Live 10 upgrade when it’s released.