Anyone Need Help Paying for Premium?

Hi guys any US users who can’t afford to get premium? Growing up without much money, I understand limitations especially with strict parents. Also when I had extreme anxiety as a 20 year old adult being active approx 2 hours a day and not being able to handle interaction- let alone work to maintain- I feel that. Music is a big, important, and meaningful way to express myself and i’m sure all of you resonate with that too. I’ll gift 3 people $6 each on the app store so you can subcribe to premium for a month. US just cuz you can’t gift internationally, unless ya’ll know how to do that as well :confused:


That’s super nice of you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So how are you going to gift the people? I’m low on money, I’d be so happy if you would do that for me. I’ve been wanting to get it for quite a while now.

I just need your email that you use for the app store & that’s it.


Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

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This is very nice of you! Kudos

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Yeah, I dig this!

I would so very much appreciate it if you did this. If you need my iTunes email, it’s

You rock, man! Thanks!

Your a great person, you should be proud of yourself