Anyone make producer tags?

I don’t think mines really working too well… it kind of sounds bland, and exactly like my voice lol… if anyone is willing to help a dude out- can tag say “wavz!” (Waves)

Audio tags* :woman_shrugging:t3:

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didn’t he mean an audio tag?


Possibly. What’s an audio tag?



It’s not one of those stings that you watermark into your music, is it?

You’re listening to Waves …aves! …aves! …aves! …aves!

Aren’t they a bit lame? …ame? …ame? …ame?


Like a Radio Tag is the only where you would see it. or hear it

Not when you’re trying to keep your music from being downloaded lol… I sell my music so when I post them on YouTube I put the tag every once and a while so if people just download the beat off youtube, they will have my annoying/lame tag in their beat no matter what :joy:

Fair enough. :+1:

I see it pretty constantly when I stumble on those ‘[artist x]-type beat’ videos on the YouTubes, though they’re up on YT precisely to advertise the beat for sale.

Is that what you do too?
(Tried the YT link in your profile, but link no worky.)

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Yeah unfortunately mine got hacked a month ago, and I had to start from square one again :confused: I’ll send you a link I just started uploading again cause as you might understand it is very frustrating losing subscribers, and hard work

Idk how to share a channel on my phone but here’s a link to one of my songs

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Just pay someone $5 on fiverrr to say what you want. You can always edit/add your own effects to it afterwards.

Curious as to if anyone uses an actual producer tag or sound in every song to set it apart from the rest lol. If you listen to any of my songs (aside from the obvious security tag), youll hear I always use an impact noise in my Intros as my own signiture mark. Does anyone else do something like this? Just curious!

(Here’s a random link so you can see)

Personally I’ve been trying quite hard to avoid any obvious “sound” to my music. I see each track as its own unique sound.

But I’ve been considering, recently, trying to create a continuous sound. Hadn’t decided what my signature would be, but I was considering possibly choosing — say — 5 core instruments. The idea being that those instruments stay the same in every track, with the possibility of changing ONE of the core instruments every track. Once an instrument is changed it stays changed, so it’d be like a slowly moving changing signature sound that would flow through my work chronologically. i.e. If you listened to my stuff from oldest to newest you’d be able to hear the signature slowly changing over my lifetime’s work.

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Of course, when you put it that way… :laughing:

Producer tags are kinda genius to me because most of the time it’s hard to find who produced beats for rappers when listening on Spotify, for instance. It can also make the listener a bit more excited if they like that Producer and therefore gives that tag line a good connotation. Just a bit of recognition, which is nice. A few of them do actually sound cool as well. I do have trouble understanding what they’re saying sometimes, though.



WE DA BEST MUSIC music m u s i c music m u s i c . . .


Ame ame ame

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Have Microsoft David read your name TTS and there you go


I’m joking