Anyone know why the last 12 soundpacks haven't had any sounds with tone or shape sliders?

Just strikes me as odd considering how most soundpacks before them would have at least one instrument with a shape and/or tone slider.

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Ya that’s because they got rid off the option to use it but they just left on the old samples

Ah, dang

not only the 12 soundpacks tho. Recently I was using some instruments and said they need update. When I did, the tone is replaced with either pitch or distortion.

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They updated ALL the instruments. But some stilldo have the tone and shape they just aren’t where they used to be

It’s because of laziness, most likely. Often tone and shape sliders impacted things like distortion, chorus and the ADSR envelope. Now that those are exposed, there’s no incentive to add dedicated sliders to the new sounds. Although sounds that before had special effects like phasers and flangers attached still have those, none of the new sounds have been given them, because sheer laziness.

Also, since the options are hidden away in an additional menu, there’s more reason not to use them as much. Although that’s a poor argument as it’s really just a bad design choice to hide those options away.

Glad I got out when I did, and honestly not very surprised from the shift in tone, given the dev’s track record.